Monday, February 26th 2007

Nintendo officially ends Gamecube support

The new Nintendo console - the Wii - has been a huge sucess. A big selling point has been the fact that it can play Gamecube games. A Nintendo spokesperson has now mentioned that the Gamecube is no longer produced and that there are no more games in developement for the console. This also explains the diminishing selection of games and hardware at retailers. The remaining consoles will be sold to first time buyers until they are all gone.

UPDATE: Seems like Eurogamer has gotten confirmation from Nintendo UK that Gamecube support has not been axed. Catch up on all the details here at Eurogamer.Source: TG Daily
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My stars went supernova
Well that was quick
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There are no games even in development?
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Bird of Prey
That kind of sucks. Gamecube is a great console with very fun games. Im kind of disappointed in this to say the least. I mean, they are still supporting the PS2 and original Xbox.
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Well, the Wii is an even better console with fun games and supports GC games.
Also you can attach 4 GC Controllers to the Wii.

I really couldn't care less for the GC. The Nintendo console I dislike most.
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Completely Bonkers
Time to move on. Atari no longer support pong. Nintendo no longer support GC.
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If nintendo had just used DVD's for the Gamecube and made some serious games for it i doubt i would have been discontinued seemingly so soon. I am a nintendo fan but i can see the wii down a similar path with its gimmicky controller and so far gimmicky games.
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WarEagleAU said:
That kind of sucks. Gamecube is a great console with very fun games. Im kind of disappointed in this to say the least. I mean, they are still supporting the PS2 and original Xbox.
The PS2 sold 5 times more consoles than the GameCube.

The Xbox is the most powerfull console of the last generation and has great games. It still only sold a 4th of the consoles that the PS2 has.
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The GC was the weakest selling of consoles of the last generation. For younger people it was great. It even had some awesome stuff, like all those Resident Evil games. And the HD cables, it looked pretty damn good. I can't say I am too sad to see it go though. It is pretty much Obsolete.

It has very little users, the Wii can play all its games, and the friggin controller is just whacked to hell. In my opinion of course. Unlike the PS2, it deserves to be laid to rest now.
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correct me if I'm wrong, but microsoft ended support for the xbox the day the 360 came out. No first party games since then, ps2 certainly did more, large games like god of war 2 yet to come, not to mention AAA titles like FF12 coming out in the last few months. That's not to say that sony is still really supporting the ps2, even with the large install base, thought I think they are doing more than the other two. Their focus has already shifted. Considering gamecube is backwards compatible (I think it is, maybe I remember this wrong), it doesn't makes sense to support it. Since it's still similar to older systems in terms of development (sans controller of course), and it's selling well, it makes sense to shift focus. What I'm saying is, nintendo just made official what microsoft did over a year ago, and since they don't have the install base of sony, why waste a first party dev team on the gamecube?
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