Thursday, January 9th 2020

MetallicGear Mimics the "Cheese Grater" Facade of Mac Pro with its Neo Pro Mid-tower

Really like the "cheese grater" perforated front intakes of the latest Mac Pro, but want to stick to your PC hardware and Windows? MetallicGear has you covered with the Neo Pro. Available in two trims that look similar to "silver" and "space gray," the Neo Pro features a high air-flow front intake concealing two 140 mm fan-mounts that can hold a 280 mm x 140 mm radiator. Inside, you get a conventional horizontally-partitioned layout, with the motherboard tray supporting not just ATX, but also wider E-ATX motherboards. Unlike with the Mac Pro, though, the front panel is made of ABS. Front-panel ports are located at the top, and a tempered glass panel covers the left side. Available from some time in March 2020, the MetallicGear Neo Pro is priced at $60.

MetallicGear also showed us the Neo Matrix. This case is almost identical to the Neo Pro, but with two big differences: the most obvious one is the programmable 7 x 17 ARGB LED matrix across the front-panel; and two 120 mm exhausts along the top-panel, where you can mount a 240 mm radiator (the Neo Pro doesn't have this). Available from March 2020 alongside the Neo Pro, the Neo Matrix is priced at $100.
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8 Comments on MetallicGear Mimics the "Cheese Grater" Facade of Mac Pro with its Neo Pro Mid-tower

Well they say imitation is the highest form of flattery ...:laugh:...:D...:p

But really, ABS ??

Jeez, just how much cheaper can you make it anyways....

I know it's a $60 case but I would gladly pay a moderately higher price (~$100) for a metal front panel, and have the reassurance that it will endure more than 3 or 4 removals without cracking or worse, shattering into a million little pieces...
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Honestly, looking at these and Apple's side-by-side, it's easy to appreciate that some companies actually hire proper designers. And I'm not even a great fan of how latest Macs look. I preferred the "bin".

I had no idea MetallicGear existed until this news. These cases are really hideous. I hope Apple doesn't sue them, because we would keep seeing these photos during the trial.
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This case triggers my trypophobia. NOPE.
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Grate, now I need a plate of linguine! :shadedshu: :D
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The Neo Matrix is a copy of that InWin case.

Same cheap looking LEDs.

At least this one has a top opening for airflow. My friend bought the other one against our better advice cause he said it looked cool. SMH
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Likes like a space heater or a dust filter.
I will keep my P600s thank you!
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0/10. Holes aren't small enough to be used as a cheese grater.
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