Wednesday, February 5th 2020

AOC Unveils Entry-level B2 Series Monitors with Sleek, 3-side Borderless Design

Display specialist AOC announces three new monitors from their entry-level monitor line-up, the B2 series. Ranging from 21.5" (54.7 cm) to 23.8" (60.4 cm) to 27" (68.6 cm) display sizes, all three models feature beautiful 3-side borderless frames and Full HD resolution (1080p), an ultra slim profile and a clean rear with VESA mount support. The monitors offer wide viewing angles (178°), which guarantees an unaltered colour experience from every viewpoint. The 21.5" model 22B2H employs a VA panel with deep blacks and popping colours, while the 23.8" 24B2XH and the 27" 27B2H are equipped with IPS panels reproducing true-to-life colours. VGA and HDMI 1.4 inputs enable various devices to be easily connected. All three models are suitable for the desk of any user who seeks a basic and cost-efficient screen.

AOC's B2 series monitors provide a solid set of features: the crisp Full HD resolution (1920x1080) and true colours of the IPS panel (24B2XH and 27B2H) or the impressive contrast the VA panel delivers (22B2H) suit everything from work or study to watching movies or occasional gaming. All panels support a 75 Hz refresh rate, displaying 25% more frames each second than a regular 60 Hz monitor in order to achieve smoother cursor movements and videos.
Smooth and functional
Despite being entry-level with affordable pricing, these monitors are 3-side borderless, which means that the panel's edges blend with the bezels, giving the impression of a floating image. Such sleek design also allows productivity-increasing multi-monitor setups without distracting bezels.

Compelling technology
All three models of the B2 series are equipped with both VGA and HDMI inputs, as well as a headphones output. This means even legacy PCs using VGA can be connected and modernised with a great display. Furthermore, modern sources such as desktop or mobile PCs, DVD or Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and others are easily plugged in via HDMI.

The features do not end here - the B2 series also employs Flicker-Free technology, which eliminates flickering by using DC (Direct Current) instead of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) when adjusting the brightness level. This prevents headaches and eye strain, which are often caused by flickering images.

Additionally, to ease eye fatigue in dark hours and low light conditions, the LowBlue Mode reduces the monitor's emission of potentially damaging blue wavelengths.

For more information, visit the product pages of the 22B2H, 24B2XH, and 27B2H.
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4 Comments on AOC Unveils Entry-level B2 Series Monitors with Sleek, 3-side Borderless Design

Good. Just kill 60hz for good.
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will there be reviews?
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Affordable, >60Hz IPS is a great thing but I wish they'd integrate the power brick. All that marketing jibber-jabber about sleek design and yet there's no cable management to speak of.

That brick is just going to be an eyesore dangling halfway down the back wall of your desk, or an ugly black blob on the floor in stark contrast the the near-universal white skirting boards of every home. The best place to hide an external power brick is behind the screen, but there's no chance of that happening here.
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Can't complain much when entry level monitors give you 75Hz VA/IPS.

I have a bone to pick with "true to life colors" though. These days even TN-Film can be calibrated to the point where the difference between the actual and expected color cannot be seen with the naked eye. The difference between panels is made everything else, but not color reproduction. And of course, the problem with TN is still that colors may be accurate while looking straight at them, but start to shift rather quickly when look at at an angle.
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Jul 6th, 2022 12:35 EDT change timezone

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