Thursday, March 1st 2007

R600 Delay Linked to GDDR4

Many people were disappointed by the recent R600 delay, which saw the release date for ATI’s first DirectX 10 card pushed back to the next quarter at the earliest, but ATI has remained in the dark a little bit as to the true cause of the delays. However, I’ve received information from a reliable source that the delays were linked to problems with the GDDR4 which the top-end R600 cards will use. As of yet there is no more information on the specifics, so sorry for the brief story and lack of technical details, but at least that sheds some light on the matter.

Please note that this information is still unverified and may be wrong
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And this reliable source is?

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Bird of Prey
I dont doubt it. GDDR4 is the newest memory on the market, so of course, to be perfect, they are gonna have a few problems. Thanks Jimmy.
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WarEagleAU said:
I dont doubt it. GDDR4 is the newest memory on the market, so of course, to be perfect, they are gonna have a few problems. Thanks Jimmy.
I thought the x1950xtx used this same memory.
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umm i doubt this is the case, especially with my sources telling me other things
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i think this could be an excuse to cover the fact they may also be having problems with drivers
afterall not all the cards use the ddr4
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It very well could be that they are having problems with GDDR4.

But then why dont they just release a GDDR3 version of the R600 right now and a GDDR4 version 2 months later, like they were planning to?
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IMO, I honestly believe the R600 is simply not better then 8800 GTX at it's assumed higher price point. Be it drivers or hardware concerns. However, we will find out once the card is finally released. Whenever that will be...
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
is your source some dude who hides in the shadows and has a deep sounding voice?
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I dont believe it either.

This is the last ATi "only" video card to come to market.AMD realized the R600 was to far along to stop a product so far along in development BUT if the product isnt going to be a "HARD" launch they stepped in and postponed it.

I think its a AMD call.

But hell what do I know :rolleyes:
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It still looks like one beast of a card on paper so i dont know if the 8800GTX will beat it.... i'm thinking it probably wont but who knows. With all the stories out about whats working and whats not working i really have no idea whats up with it anymore..... all i know is that i have to wait before i can buy my next computer until i see these on the shelves to compare them with the nvidia offering.
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You know, I really think that people are setting themselves up to be disappointed... with so much hype and so many rumors going around about the R600, it's likely that people are expecting something FAR greater than a 8800 card (i.e. a perf. boost greater than 20%).
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Completely Bonkers
Strategically, ATI is doing the right thing... IF the delay means a better product.

G80 has had so much mixed press. It's not a hot-cake seller. The drivers are dreadful. But it IS the most powerful core to date. People are waiting with some excitement to see if the ATI meets or surpasses performance.

But think about the Intel AMD battle. Intel took a LONG time to come back with the Core 2 Duo. But when it did: WHAM. It wasn't about small margins of performance... but a whole chunk that no "next step" clock upgrade from AMD could match.

Even if AMD is now able to make a CPU with (near) equivalent performance, the crown was lost, and the PR and brand equity is now overwhelmingly in favour of Intel.

So AMD has learned from this experience. There's not much point with the new ATI only meeting or marginally beating the G80. The mini-leapfrog game has to stop. They need to release a card that is UNQUESTIONABLE superior. So superior that there is NO DEBATE, no discussion.

And the new recently announced samsung ultra-high speed GDDR4 looks very interesting and might help them squeeze more performance.

It's probably too late in the design cycle for ATI to improve the core logic and tape-out for R600, but it's still possible to improve some of the hardware specs, esp. clock circuits and the memory interconnect.

There might also be issues with related circuitry... e.g. the new Theatre Chip, or dual-link DVI outputs for ULTRA resolution screens, or HDMI out.
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Heedless Psychic
Its interesting to see all these conspiracy theories. At the end of the day tho, I can't actually remember the last bad product ATi bought to market, from an architectural standpoint, the cores have been sound. If anything is holding things up it'll be the damn Vista driver for the card.
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Completely Bonkers
I disagree on the Vista driver being the issue. The major major % of people are on XP/2003 or lower. You wouldn't ignore this market ONLY for the Vista driver issue. Especially when these target customers have money in their pocket READY to spend TODAY.

If it was only a driver issue, then ATI would release the product for the 2000/XP/2003 segment (>90% of market), and release the Vista drivers later (<10% of market). But they haven't. So it's a hardware issue. Not software.
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not a suicide-bomber
W1zzard said:
umm i doubt this is the case, especially with my sources telling me other things
what are your sources telling you?? :D
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