Thursday, March 26th 2020

Montech Releases New High Performance Air X ARGB PC Case

Montech, an enthusiast Gaming PC Case, Power and Cooling solutions brand based in Taiwan introduces the new Air X ARGB Compact ATX PC Case from their best selling Air series. The Air X ARGB features a full metallic Diamond Mesh front air intake for maximum air intake, and a full 6 port ARGB fan controller! The ARGB fan controller uses 4 Pin fan connectors and 3 Pin ARGB lighting control, instead of the near obsolete Molex connectors found on other cases. Right out of the box the ARGB fan controller with two 200 mm ARGB front fans and one 120 mm ARGB fan, delivering both maximum air intake area for incredible cooling performance and the aesthetics to match. Coming in two colors - black and white, the Air X ARGB also features full glass side panel, full support for 240/280/360 mm liquid cooling making it one of the best options for its price point!

The Air X ARGB features a total of three ARGB fans that can be fully customized and controlled by ARGB compatible mainboards (5 V 3 Pin). And in the case where no ARGB compatible board is present the Air X ARGB comes with it's very own ARGB Fan Controller. Compared to other cases which normally only packs a Molex based standard fan controller, the Air X ARGB Fan Controller follows modern PC component design and features the higher-end 4 Pin Fan Connector and 3 Pin ARGB Connector. The ARGB Fan Controller is capable of controlling a total of 6 sets of ARGB Fans, or 6 (5 V 3Pin) ARGB devices and 6 4 pin case fans. All three of the included ARGB fans (2x 200 mm and 1x 120 mm) come pre-connected to the ARGB Fan Controller, easily controlled by the front panel lighting control button.
For cooling performance the Air X ARGB's two large 200 mm ARGB Fans and large area Diamond Mesh front and back 120 mm ARGB output fans create maximum airflow for your PC. Fine Mesh dust screens for the front Diamond Mesh, and magnetic top and bottom vent screens provide excellent dust resistance. The front panel does not have any connecting wires thus can be easily removed and cleaned.

Unlike traditional glass side panels that need to drill holes into the four corners of the panel, the Air X ARGB uses an intuitive sliding mechanism that eliminates the need for mounting holes. Without drilling holes and with a metallic frame for the glass panel, allow it to both maintain structural strength and improves safety for the Air X ARGB's glass panel. Included in the Air X ARGB is also Montech's standard cable management loops and cable tie accessories, together with a large back panel clearance area makes the Air X ARGB a breeze to work in.

Targeted at $72.99 USD (-Tax) for the Air X ARGB White and $69.99 USD for the Air X ARGB Black, the Air X ARGB series continues the highly competitive value and performance of Montech's Air Series. Delivery the best of cooling performance, design and value for it's price point. The Air X ARGB will be releasing globally in April of 2020.
For more information, visit the product page.
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nice prices, but as usual, nothin new here that the other 654,931,70.823 cases out there don't have already....

f/A/i/L #1, yet anutha so-called "white" case with black trim, filters, fan housings, grommets etc... :(

f/A/i/L #2, no USB-C on the front I/O...
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Wow ! Great looking case. The airflow seems to be very high. And with very good price too !
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