Friday, March 2nd 2007

Sony Launches 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

Sony Japan has increased the maximum Memory Stick Pro Duo capacity to 8GB with their new 'MSX-M8GS' Memory Stick Pro Duo. The new Memory Stick will be compatible with digital cameras and laptops sold this year. Backward compatibility is not certain. PSPs running firmware ver. 2.81 will be compatible with the new Memory stick. 8GB does put a lot of free space for disposal, as you can load up 19 hours 20 minutes of QVGA video in MPEG-4 format at 768 kbps, 2500 JPEG images and 4100 songs in Atrac format at 64kbps.

Sony will start selling the 'MSX-M8GS' 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo from March 9 in Japan for 38,000 Yen ($ 325).

Source: New Launches
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Semi-Retired Folder
:eek: $325 :eek:
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$325 and Sony wonders why they cannot make a big impact on the memory market
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Perfect for my PSP...

Don't work the prices will drop, I remember 2GB used to be 180, now 40...and 4GB was 225, now 90...and this was all be for this new 8gb release.


I am looking at todays Fry's ad, and they are selling the new 8gb for 250...
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Bird of Prey
Ridiculous prices. I think the Corsair offerings, while not memory stick pros, were alot cheaper for their 8GB. On the other hand, this would be beautiful with the PS3, as Im sure it uses this for its memory card save feature.
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Screw the price... I am getting this!
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Fakes have been around on ebay for about a month now. An 8Gb card will set you back about £100 ($190)

I buy MS 4Gb cards for around £25 ($48) & they work great even though they are fake.

If Sony want to help prevent fraud they should stop being so greedy & lower their prices. A genuine 4Gb SD card are less than £18 ($35) This is because nobody has the monopoly on the SD format.
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where the hell are my stars
ha good luck with that it may happen after they loose the majority share on Blu-ray
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The price is normal for these cards.

Sony Memory Stick Pro Dou cards always cost a lot more than everything else.. maybe double.

I guess that kinda sucks for the PSP market that has only one choice..
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Oh man I wonder if it will work with w810i, that would be sweet.
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where the hell are my stars
$250 at fry's right now gets the 8gb
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