Wednesday, April 8th 2020

Samsung to Continue Buying LCD Screens from Sharp

It was only recently that we reported on Samsung's decision to stop manufacturing all the LCD panels and focus on the production of AMOLED and QLED displays. However, it seems like Samsung will not be abandoning the LCD technology completely. According to a report from DigiTimes, we have information that Samsung will continue to offer LCD-based screens, TN-film, various kinds of VA, IPS, etc., by buying the LCD screen from a Japanese multinational company called Sharp. Sharp will be Samsung's only source of these LCD screens, so Samsung will still be able to offer products based on them. It is reported that types of panels in question are meant for the production of television devices, meaning that they are probably bigger-sized panels.
Samsung Display
Source: DigiTimes
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Yeah, when I see Sharp, I think of IGZO. If Samsung is using IGZO panels for their LCD TVs (which are usually lower end), then its great for consumers.

While I don't deny there is an oversupply of TV panels, I don't know if its wise to give up on LCD production. I feel most TVs/ monitors sold are mostly using LCDs. OLEDs are becoming more popular, but the price is still much higher as compared to a good LCD panel. If you look at the monitor space, OLED monitors are very rare and notoriously pricey. So I am confident to say that most will not be using an OLED monitor.
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One of the characteristics of IGZO is that it can use lower current for similar output; perhaps Samsung has an idea about this relating to a new OLED approach.

After all, LG has the patent on their W-OLED thing, not on everything, as far as I know. I'm also not seeing economical feasibility with IGZO for lower segments of the market, which LCD is by definition. Its pretty expensive to implement, you need some rare metals for it. IF Samsung sees something or wants something with IGZO, it will be for an emissive display technology to counter LG OLED.

If its not about IGZO, then its a sign Samsung is taking a step back in terms of production capacity which in turn signals them losing ground in TV land. Which makes total sense given their design misses of the last years.

Maybe, just maybe, and this is wishful thinking on my part... IGZO is a way to get OLED to acceptable life expectancy for monitors and static content.
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BOE also has IGZO, so I doubt it's a Sharp-exclusive thing.
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Vayra86IGZO is a way to get OLED to acceptable life expectancy for monitors and static content.
I think this is a good summary.
LTPS has better illumination, but the panel production size scale is restrictive and has an issue with degredation in case class leading luminance is displayed. However, compared with IGZO, you can easily notice the color saturation advantage instantly, IGZO is only secondary.

I'm most happy with this. Sharp has crazy IGZO quality and Samsung has QDOT, backlight higher emissive efficiency tech. Coupled together and we might have LTPS grade backlight.
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