Tuesday, April 21st 2020

Valve's Project Proton has Brought Over 6,500 Windows Games to Linux

Project Proton is a tool developed by Valve Software which allows Windows games to run on Linux through Steam. The project was launched in 2018 as a forked version of WINE with some additional features such as DirectX over Vulkan. According to ProtonDB a fan page which reports game compatibility there are now over 6,500 games which work flawlessly without any modifications on Linux.

This is an amazing achievement for the Linux gaming community and outshines the work of any porting company, at the current rate over 100 games are gaining complete compatibility each month and the average quality of games has also increased. Out of the top 1000 Steam games 67% run perfectly after minor tweaks.
Source: ProtonDB
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3 Comments on Valve's Project Proton has Brought Over 6,500 Windows Games to Linux

This is nice; it makes it all the more tempting to shift over to Linux fulltime, rather than just for situational use (as a media server/PiHole), and gives Linux a nice shot in the arm for those who want more privacy/control but still want to game.
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It's been a wonderful experience!
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The only downside it's the performance penalties of 5-15FPS in every games, even with good compatibility.
Aside from that, it's a nice jump, and proton have been working everyday to solve more and more the overhead of this compatibility tool.
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