Monday, April 27th 2020

Antec Releases Signature 80 PLUS Platinum and Titanium Power Supply Lines

Antec, a leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, broadens its range of power supplies with the new Signature Series Platinum and Titanium models. The PSU line MSRP is now commercially available from US$ 229.99 for the 1000 W Platinum and US$ 269.99 for the 1300 W Platinum and US$ 279.99 for the 1000 W Titanium PSU. All models will be available at the beginning of May in US.

Equipped with features that ensure peak performance for the enthusiast and gaming-oriented segment, the Signature Series features a fully-modular cable management system which enables users to use only the cables which are needed, greatly simplifying installation and helps clear out excess cables that can obstruct and reduce airflow. The whisper-quiet, fluid dynamic bearing 135 mm fan provides high airflow with durability and longevity. The Zero RPM fan mode further ensures a longer-lasting and quieter system, by using thermal sensors to activate the fan only when you need it.
All models of the Signature Series are a great choice for a reliable and efficient PC system for gamers and professionals. This new PSU line from Antec pushes the standard for excellence with the circuit shield suite of industrial protections and is backed by a 10-year warranty. Their PhaseWave Design offers a server-class full-bridge LLC design with a synchronous rectification based on a DC-DC topology. The power supplies are engineered according to the newest PSU guideline ATX12V 2.4 and are hence compatible with the latest generation of CPUs.

Product Features:
  • 100% top-grade Japanese capacitors for clean DC-DC performance
  • 80 PLUS Titanium / Platinum certified- to reduce your electricity bill
  • 10-year warranty and lifetime global support
  • 100% Modular cable management -Improves airflow and reduces clutter
  • CircuitShield -Full suite of industrial grade protections: OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, OPP, OTP, SIP, NLO
  • Zero RPM mode, which uses thermal sensors to activate the fan only when you need it
  • 28 (18+10) pin MBU socket - For possible future MBU connectors
  • 99%+12V - Output for maximum CPU & GPU support
  • OC Link - Allows 2 Signature PSUs to work in tandem to power the most demanding systems.
  • Delivers non-stop industrial class performance for high-end computer systems at up to 40°C ambient
For more information, visit the product page.
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4 Comments on Antec Releases Signature 80 PLUS Platinum and Titanium Power Supply Lines

Yay another overpriced Seasonic Prime rebrand !

Come on, when there would be some movement from these "best" brands like Seasonic and Super Flower ? Instead of all this 'premium' bullshit and RGB unicorn barf (looking at you SF).

Multi-rail OCP on 1kW+ units with physical switch to satisfy both sides ? Digital control interface with multi-rail OCP tripping point control ? Fully digital platform with even better performance ? Actually good fans on Seasonic Prime and it's million rebrands instead of the same stuff as on Focus (not that it's that bad but there are better ones) ? Competition already has all this for years, but why bother improving smth if people are buying your stuff anyway without asking any questions, right, Seasonic, Super Flower ?
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These Antecs look really nice. I like the aesthetic very much, it's sophisticated. :)

No better or worse than the OEM Seasonic Prime aesthetic, both look really great, just different.

Personally, I'd rather go with a 12yr warranty and Seasonic Prime Titanium, but that's only being nitpicky.

Primary work build - nitpicky

Every other PC in the house - anything works - usually hand-me-downs :p
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