Sunday, May 10th 2020

Cooler Master Announces the New SickleFlow 120 Series Fans

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative computer components, today announces the new version of the Sickleflow 120 mm case fans. Featuring the new air balance blades and entirely new models, the Sickleflow 120 introduces a new generation of cooling solutions. The Sickleflow 120 mm includes the new Air Balance blade technology - an optimized fan blade design with increased curvature that improves air flow and air pressure.

The MasterLiquid ML120/240L V2 features a two-tier sealing mechanism designed to improve dustproof capabilities while preventing lubricant oil leakage for overall extended lifespan and performance. The Sickleflow 120 series includes a variety of lighting and non-lighting options, including non-LED, Red/Blue LED, RGB, and ARGB. The Sickleflow 120 non-LED/LED/RGB/ARGB variants are available for purchase at select retailers, including Amazon and Newegg.
Sickleflow 120
The products are available at the following MSRP:
  • Non-LED (all-black): $7.99
  • LED (Red or Blue Variant): $9.99
  • RGB: $13.99
  • ARGB (Single fan): $16.99
  • ARGB (3-in-1 Pack): $49.99
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5 Comments on Cooler Master Announces the New SickleFlow 120 Series Fans

Can someone tell me the difference between RGB and ARGB?
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RGB is the older Non-Addressable 12v standard, ARGB is the Addressable 5V standard.
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8 bucks for the non-led one aint too bad.
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I got one and compared it with MasterFan SF120R but I got so disappointed about its airflow. My hand feels it gives not even half the SF120R does. Anyone gets on of these? Is mine just defect or what?
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