Wednesday, May 27th 2020

NVIDIA Launches GeForce Game Ready 446.14 WHQL Driver

NVIDIA has today launched the latest version of its "Game Ready" graphics driver lineup with the 446.14 WHQL drivers. This release brings mostly performance optimizations and bug fixes for the video game Valorant. In addition to these performance optimizations and fixes, optimal support for Minecraft Dungeons, Disintegration, and Crucible is included. An important new feature update is the inclusion of Variable Rate Supersampling (VRSS) support for Onward. NVIDIA has also fixed driver installation issues on Colorful GeForce GTX 1650 that may have bugged some users of the cards. For the full list of fixes please check out the list below.

Fixed Issues:
  • [Notebook]: Notebooks with Maxwell generation GPUs may experience higher GPU utilization during game play leading to reduced battery life and higher temperatures. [2929921/200608270]
  • [SLI]: Major frame time spikes occur in multiple games.[2903264]
  • [HDR]: Some games may appear very bright when HDR is enabled. [2909218]
  • [Monster Hunter World Iceborne]: Artifacts appear in the game. [2903858]
  • [Resident Evil 3 Remake][DirectX 12]: Some objects in the game may flicker. [2938095]
  • [F1 2019]: The game may randomly crash to the desktop. [200608572]
  • Fixed an issue where the shader cache was sometimes incorrectly purged upon launching an application. [2937218]
  • Fixed driver installation issue on Colorful GeForce GTX 1650. [2919568]
  • Corsair iCUE program triggers Geforce Overlay. [200614189]
Known Issues
  • [VR]: HDCP errors occur with Valve Index VR. [2967616]
  • [Call of Duty: Modern Warfare]: Color banding occurs in the game after enabling Image Sharpening from the NVIDIA Control Panel. [2889337]
  • [Notebook][H-Clone]: With the integrated graphics processor as the clone source, display settings cannot be changed from the NVIDIA Control Panel. [200594188]
  • [SLI][Doom Eternal]: Corruption occurs in the game upon opening the Steam overlay. [200593967]
  • [Call of Duty - Warzone]: Freestyle does not work. (200593020)
  • [Forza Motorsport 7]: The curb may display a black strip during a race on certain tracks. [2781776]
  • [Zombie Army: Dead War 4][Ansel/Freestyle]: The Ansel/Freestyle tabs are undetectable. [2810884]
  • [Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege][Vulkan][G-SYNC]: When playing the game in Vulkan mode with G-SYNC enabled, flickering occurs after switching the game between full-screen and windowed mode.[200578641] To work around, either disable G-SYNC or play using an API other than Vulkan.
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9 Comments on NVIDIA Launches GeForce Game Ready 446.14 WHQL Driver

Not a Potato
There were graphics bugs in VALORANT? I did multiple 3 hour runs everyday this past week and I've been getting a consistent 165 Hz on both the 2080 Super and RX 5700 XT without any crashes.
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forces you to install geforce experience.
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Dainty Moderator
Ripcordforces you to install geforce experience.
Can you explain how?

I even used DCH this time and since forever I have had the ability to click custom and uncheck geforce experience.

I don't understand this, unless I'm the only person on the planet that knows how to disable it using the vanilla installer.
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Does it enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling and WDDM 2.7 ?
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Ripcordforces you to install geforce experience.
GFE still appearing as an optional install for me.

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Ripcordforces you to install geforce experience.
no it doesn't.
ARFDoes it enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling and WDDM 2.7 ?
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