Monday, June 15th 2020

AMD "Renoir" Processor Run Without Any Cooling

Fritzchens Fritz, known in the PC enthusiast community for his high-detail silicon die photography, attempted thermal imaging on an AMD "Renoir" mobile processor with great success. He discovered that the processor can survive without any cooling (not even passive cooling, but the bare processor exposed to the air). A 4-core Ryzen 3 4300U "Renoir" was used in the experiment. The thermal camera picked up that only one of the two CCXs was active during the tests. Not only was the processor found to start, but was also found to be bench-stable with Cinebench R15 and "Crysis" benchmark, during the experiment's 10-minute runtime. Cinebench R15 and 3DMark TimeSpy scores were also obtained. Find the video in the source link below.
Source: Fritzchens Fritz (Twitter)
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Please don't hurt the feelings of the blue side any more, they are already on edge.
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My late Intel g4560 @ 3.50ghz ran fine without a heatsink. I never installed that loud Heatsink/Fan that arrived in box. while on cheap side that processor was only good for watching movies or office work.
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So you're saying it can run Crysis without any cooling...
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If it runs crysis with no cooling, it means it is crisis.
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fake news; it has attached a stealth/invisible cooler :laugh:
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1.2-1.3 GHz In Crysis from the looks of it, should be much lower for MT Cinebench based on the score.
You should be able to run pretty much any CPU without cooler these days. The question is - what clocks it will be running at.
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ok...but it will have cooling sooo bump those clocks a bit and make it faster?
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Impressive if true.
Especially considering how many threads we have about Intel 15W parts relating to overheating and throttling etc.
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Skimming the title I read 'without any cooking'

Turned out true after all.
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ok...but it will have cooling sooo bump those clocks a bit and make it faster?
How is he going to do thermal imaging of the die then?
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It runs without thermalspreader! What?!!
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Der8auer did this with a 3000 series Ryzen just after release last year as well, I think it was a 3900x. It ran absolutely fine, if I'm not mistaken he also ran the CPU with the chipset cooler from a Gigabyte x570 board.
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Just depends on how much heat the CPU is producing, all of the old home 8 bit systems ran sans cooling. Both my Amiga 1200 and Atari 520ST ran their CPUs naked ( and the A1200 had the a 68030 expansion ).
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Semi-Retired Folder
They kind of glanced over the part where it didn't run well without a cooler. It thermal throttled like hell. Pretty much any processor these days can do this.
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Darmok N Jalad
Must be due to the way Ryzen monitors itself with thermal sensors across the CCXs. The way AMD designed Navi and Ryzen 3000, you’re hard-pressed to get better clocks out of them though brute force than the chips can simply get by themselves by constantly monitor power, temperature, and current (PBO). Sure you might get lucky with a golden sample, but I believe this is “design by necessity” due to the thermal density of these tiny nodes. Never would have imagined that it would allow the chips to function without cooling at all, but it’s a testament to good engineering!
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