Wednesday, July 1st 2020

Montech Launches Z3 Pro ARGB Fan 3-in-1 Pack

Montech, a new enthusiast PC Case, Power and Cooling solutions brand is releasing their new Z3 Pro ARGB Fans. The 120 mm Z3 Pro ARGB Fan 3-in-1 pack comes with a fully expansion ready remote controlled ARGB Fan Control Hub capable of controlling a total of 12 fans (6*3-pin + 6*4Pin PWM). The ARGB Fan Control Hub is also compatible with the latest Mainboard ARGB software. Along with proprietary silent fan blades, integrated vibration absorbers, PWM smart fan speed control and full ARGB programmability tied into a 3-in-1 fan package makes the Z3 Pro both highly competitive and feature rich addition to anyone looking to dive into RGB modding.

The 120 mm Z3 Pro ARGB Fan is the upgraded version of the Z3 with a ton of new features. Temperature based PWM Smart Control, industry acclaimed rifle bearing and proprietary fan blade design has made the Z3 Pro even cooler, smarter, quieter and even longer lasting. Besides increased performance the ARGB lighting capabilities are also vastly improved with new and better effects. So you get the best of aesthetics and performance, a cool but also quiet PC system.
The Z3 Pro ARGB Fan and it's ARGB Fan Control Hub utilizes PWM Smart Control signals for temperature based fan speed adjustment. Your system auto controls the Fan speed based on system temperature, making cooling more efficient and smart. With PWM Smart Fan Speed Control, the system carefully adjusts fan speed according to system temperature, so you have an effective and efficient solution for balancing cooling capacity and noise. All four corners of the Z3 Pro comes with pre-installed rubber corner pads. Effectively reducing noise and vibrations. Leaving you with only enjoyable light and airflow.

The Z3 Pro's ARGB lighting system can be controlled via the included remote control, or through LED light control buttons on compatible Montech cases or directly through your mainboard's ARGB software. Switch between 6 modes and 32 different effects on the remote or Chassis LED switch, or go fully software programmable on ARGB enabled mainboards! The ARGB Fan Control Hub is fully expansion ready and can support a total of 12 system fans (6x 3-pin + 6x 4-Pin PWM fans).

For software ARGB effects your mainboard must have a ARGB (5 V 3-pin) Port.

The Z3 Pro ARGB Fan will be available this week at and in the US and in select Montech retailers world wide. MSRP is US$ 39.99 (-Tax) Worldwide.
For more information, visit the product page.
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anutha day, anutha box of xmas lite em up fans....yay !

But, at least the price is reasonable, so there's that ...:p..:roll:
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Good to see more company focusing on the back of the fan.
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