Friday, August 14th 2020

Micron Also Announces Development of HBMnext

Continuing from the Micron tech brief we shared earlier, a new interesting prospect for the future of ultra-bandwidth solutions is being called simply HBMnext. It's very likely this is only a working title for a next generation HBM memory interface, whether it is a mere evolution of HBM2E or HBM3 proper. The jump in memory speed from HBM2E to HBMnext is still under wraps; however, we've seen HBM2E take significant strides compared to HBM2 already. The first HBM2E products arrived with a 0.4 Gbps improvement over HBM2 (2.4 Gbps vs 2.0 Gbps), but HBM2E has already been certified - and is announced by Micron - as hitting 3.2 Gbps as soon as the second half of this year. One can expect HBMnext to take somewhat comparable strides. Users shouldn't expect to see HBMnext on any products soon, though; it's only expected to launch come 2022.
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Divide Overflow
Has Rambus filed a troll patent lawsuit for this yet?
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I'm still trying to get warranty service from Micron. I see where they have been focusing their time.
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Divide OverflowHas Rambus filed a troll patent lawsuit for this yet?
I forgot those guys still existed :laugh:
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The jump in memory speed from HBM2e to HBMnext is being placed at the 0.8 Gbps level, with an actual rate of 3.2 Gbps - which is higher than the improvement from HBM2 to HBM2e (0.4 Gbps, from 2.0 Gbps to 2.4 Gbps).
HBM2e is scheduled for 3.2Gbps, there's already HBM2 that's available at 2.4Gbps

Given what's in the article they never spoke about HBMnext expected bandwidth
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Divide OverflowHas Rambus filed a troll patent lawsuit for this yet?
If they haven't, then Al Gore will, since he invented it, just like he did with the internet, hahahaha.. :roll:
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As long as their "device will be fully JDEC-complaint", I can rest easy.
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It's rather impressive to manage to misread this press release to such an extent that one thinks 3.2Gbps is for HBMNext and not HBM2e. That figure being mentioned for a specific device en route to launch, in a paragraph dedicated solely to HBM2e with HBMNext being mentioned solely in the next paragraph and presented as "we're working on it", ought to be enough of a hint, no? Besides, 3.2Gbps HBM2e has been announced previously.
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