Wednesday, September 9th 2020

QNAP Join Forces with CAYIN to Release MediaSign Player, Adding HEIF/HEVC Support to NAS Servers

QNAP Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking and storage solution innovator, today announced that QNAP NAS now supports CAYIN MediaSign Player. Developed by QNAP's strategic partner CAYIN Technology, MediaSign Player increases the multimedia capabilities of QNAP NAS, and can be downloaded from the QTS App Center. Licenses for MediaSign Player can be purchased from the QNAP Software Store to add support for HEIF/ HEVC file formats and video transcoding.

HEIF/ HEVC formats are the current mainstream image and video formats on mobile devices and feature better compression than standard JPEG and H.264 formats. QNAP users can upload their mobile photos/videos in HEIF/ HEVC formats to their NAS and directly view them, or transcode HEVC files to MP4 (H.264) to directly play them using CAYIN MediaSign Player's Plus license plan. QNAP NAS also provides a range of other multimedia apps (including Video Station, File Station and QuMagie) to enjoy photos, music, and videos.
QNAP users can download MediaSign Player from the QTS App Center. The Basic license plan is available for free during the promotional period, and users can purchase a Plus license plan to add support for HEIF/ HEVC (H.265) file formats.

CAYIN MediaSign Player currently only supports playing MP4 (H.264) videos. Click here to learn how to set up and use CAYIN MediaSign Player.
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There is plenty of profit margin in these NAS devices. To then start selling apps to make the NAS actually deliver the marketing spin, is just the first step to software as a service, blurring the lines between purchased storage media, and cloud services. I hope they reverse this strategy. Either sell the NAS cheap with a cpu/chipset for fileserving, or sell a more expensive NAS with hardware capabilities for video and media, but then deliver the device and software as a working unit, dont charge for unlocking the software again on top of the already higher priced NAS.
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