Wednesday, September 16th 2020

In Win Launches 140mm Variants of Saturn and Jupiter Daisy-Chainable Case Fans

In Win today announced the availability of its premium Saturn Series ASN140 and mainstream Jupiter AJ140, 140 mm case fans. Both series provide an attractive soft-glow ARGB lighting effect through their frosted fan blades, illuminating the insides of the case, while the Saturn series also features rigid stripes around its transparent frame that provides a unique effect as the light refracts through.

The Saturn ASN140 provides up to 93.97CFM of airflow, while the Jupiter AJ140 provides up to 100.45 CFM of airflow. Their wide speed range, 4-pin intelligent PWM control and shock-proof rubber mounting pads means they are ideal for either CPU coolers, liquid cooling radiators or as part of an air-cooled PC. Both series are equipped with sleeve bearings to provide lower noise output and a longer lifespan.
Patented Modular Design with Unique Daisy-Chaining
The Saturn and the Crown series are compatible, both include a patented modular cable design. In addition, the Saturn and the Jupiter series can daisy-chain up to six fans of the same series together, greatly simplifying cable management. This keeps PC builds tidy, it removes the stress of routing several cables, and also bypasses the limitations of motherboards without sufficient fan connectors.

ARGB Lighting with Software Sync and One-Click Controller Available
With 16.8 million lighting combinations via ARGB LEDS, users can truly color coordinate their PC builds to perfectly match other components around set themes. Both series can sync with ARGB-enabled motherboard software from ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI or ASRock, or the lighting effect can also be controlled using the InWin ARGB One-Click controller. Triple packs of Saturn ASN140 and Jupiter AJ140 series fans include an ARGB One-Click controller, allowing a PC builder to easily control their lighting and upgrade their case aesthetics.
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3 Comments on In Win Launches 140mm Variants of Saturn and Jupiter Daisy-Chainable Case Fans

I'll wait for the Uranus version. :laugh:
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Anutha day, anutha set of "new" fans that do exactly the same thing in the exact same way (moving air) as the other 6,158,392.76 fans already out there....

And as usual, NO prices posted... f.A.i.L....
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The ability to daisy-chain fans is very nice, but I much prefer Lian Li's way of doing so (directly via the frame as opposed to really short cables). For now, these would be the only notable 140mm frame fans that can be daisy-chained to reduce wire clutter, but I'm hoping Lian Li comes out with some 140mm versions of their UNI FAN 120s that omits the wiring between fans altogether.
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