Thursday, September 24th 2020

Sharkoon Releases SKILLER SGH30 USB RGB Gaming Headset

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of quality, high-performance PC components and peripherals. With the SKILLER SGH30, Sharkoon now presents a newcomer for the versatile SKILLER series. The USB gaming headset with subtle RGB elements has 40-millimeter drivers and a built-in USB sound card for virtual 7.1 sound. With the accompanying software, the sound can be adjusted as desired using a selection of preset effects or the integrated 10-band equalizer. The SKILLER SGH30 is equipped with soft ear pads and a flexible headband for comfortable wearing.

The closed headphones of the SKILLER SGH30 have 40-millimeter drivers, which should create a balanced sound that is equally suitable for films, music or games. The virtual 7.1 surround sound is especially suitable for gaming or watching films, creating a spatial sound and thus providing an immersive listening experience. For clear voice transmission and communication, the SKILLER SGH30 has a flexible microphone with an omnidirectional characteristic and a pop filter.
Using the downloadable software for the SKILLER SGH30, the playback and the 7.1 sound can be adjusted using a variety of settings. There are a number of setting options to choose from, as well as a wide variety of presets that are also especially balanced for music or films. Using the 10-band equalizer, mids, treble and bass can be finely tuned as desired. There are also some effects available with which recordings made through the microphone can be modified.

With its elegant but simple metal frame, the headset is characterized by a subtle design. For visual variety, this is complemented with an integrated RGB illumination. With a flowing change of colors, the illumination emphasizes the characteristic S of the SKILLER series, which can be seen on the ear cups.

The SKILLER SGH30 has been developed with a focus on comfort. For this purpose, the ear pads are covered with a soft synthetic leather, so that the ear cups should still feel comfortable around the ears even after hours of wear. Due to the metal frame, the headset sits firmly and securely at all times, while the spring-loaded headband adapts flexibly to the wearer's head without having to be manually adjusted.

The SKILLER SGH30 can be quickly and easily connected to PCs or notebooks for immediate operation via its USB plug. With a length of 240 centimeters and a textile braiding, the headset's cable is both convenient and flexible. There are also dedicated buttons on the left ear cup that can be used to quickly and easily adjust the volume or mute the microphone.

Price and Availability

The SKILLER SGH30 is now available at the manufacturer's suggested price of 29,90 euros.


Source: Sharkoon
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3 Comments on Sharkoon Releases SKILLER SGH30 USB RGB Gaming Headset

I'm still waiting to see decent open backed headsets.
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I'm still waiting to see decent open backed headsets.
From a gaming brand? Never... Their teams usually rebrand cheap chinese knockoffs found in the hallways of Aliexpress, FastTech, Alibaba or elsewhere. This decision is pretty much influenced by eSports trending rules, where "extreme focus to succeed and noise cancelling is a priority" (blah blah blah all the marketing gibberish). Anyone willing to put invest some serious cash will always choose audiophile or audiophile referencing cans on budget, whether it's open back, semi or fully closed.
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Gaming and headset have zero need to be in the same sentence or product.

Avoid, for the sort of money they want you can always find something non-gaming that does better. That is a rule of thumb by the way...
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