Thursday, October 8th 2020

Antec Releases Dark League Chassis DP502 FLUX

Antec Inc., a leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, announces a new mid-tower case of the brand-new F-LUX platform, the DP502 FLUX. Offering an industry-leading design of advanced ventilation, the second model of this series is taking the thermal performance of the Antec Dark Series to a new level. The DP502 FLUX will soon reach store shelves and online retail outlets in US with a competitive MSRP of $69.99 USD.

The DP502 FLUX features a swing-open small front panel with eye-catching hair-line surface. The electroplating-processed LED on the top left-hand side presents a Sci-Fi vibe. Measuring in at 463 mm x 220 mm x 486 mm (D x W x H), the DP502 FLUX offers an abundance of features that come with Antec's original F-LUX platform. F-LUX Platform adopts the design of a powerful ventilation system via the lower right-side panel which pulls cool air into the case through the lower PSU shroud and then up into the main interior. The case comes ready-equipped with three 120 mm ARGB fans in the front, one 120 mm fan in the rear and one 120 mm reverse fan on top of the PSU chamber to pull cool air into case through the ventilation at the right-side panel and at the bottom, offering a higher level of GPU cooling performance. Altogether the chassis offers space for nine fans. Moreover, the DP502 FLUX features seven reusable PCI-E Slots. The 4 mm tempered glass side panel features a tool-free thumbscrew design at the rear, which gives quick access to the interior and enhances the solidity. With 34.5 mm in the front and 26.5 mm in the rear, the case offers sufficient space for cable management.
The DP502 FLUX keeps the gear cool with room for up to 360 mm radiator in the front and top (max. radiator length of 405 mm) as well as a 120 mm radiator in the back. If fans are installed at outside and the radiator is installed at inside, the radiator thickness can be up to 55 mm, if both fans and radiator are installed in the inside, the radiator thickness can be up to 30 mm.
Radiator options on top are as follows:
  • without the ODD and when the bracket is removed: 240 mm / 280 mm / 360 mm
  • without the ODD but with the bracket: 240 mm / 280 mm
  • when the ODD is installed: 120 mm
With the built-in LED-controller, all the addressable LEDs can be controlled (supports up to 6x ARGB fans), alternatively users can sync it with the motherboard to enjoy more custom light effects. Furthermore, the DP502 FLUX offers space for one 5,25" ODD - which can be removed for radiator installation or other configurations - three convertible 3.5" HDDs or two 2.5" SSDs, three 2.5" SDDs as well as seven expansion slots. The front bezel features two USB 3.0 slots, Power button, HD AUDIO and the LED control button. The chassis supports ATX, Micro-ATX and ITX motherboards as well as graphics cards with a maximum length of 405 mm and power supplies with a maximum length of 205 mm.

Last not least, magnetic dust filters at the top, front, bottom, and side make this case easy to clean. The DP502 FLUX is backed by Antec's Quality 2-Year Warranty.

F-LUX Platform - Antec's Original Cooling Solution
When Intel announced their latest 10th Gen CPU and AMD announced their new Ryzen 3 and 4 CPUs, they all deliver remarkable performance upgrades and better productivity, it also means the functional requirement of PC equipment needs to be taken to the next level, especially the thermal performance. To cope with the stress of enhanced heat dissipation, Antec developed a revolutionary structure for airflow, providing an improved and powerful cooling solution for the powerful system. The F-LUX Platform. FLUX stands for FLOW LUXURY.

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4 Comments on Antec Releases Dark League Chassis DP502 FLUX

No C - No Buy - No excuses.... f...A...i...L :mad:

Nuthin new here kiddies, back to nappy time now :)
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Antec Inc. make this FULL Tower, three optical drives, four HDD at metal brackets, PSU at the top.

Then I will think about it.
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This case might tempt me to finally (after 11 good years) upgrade from my Lian-Li PC-A70S, been looking for a case that will allow me to continue using my BD-RW in a smaller form factor.
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No joke, I actually kinda like the look of this case. It looks like a modern version of their old cases that I grew up with. Price is pretty good for a case with good looking airflow, a TG side panel, and five included fans with a hub.

Wonder how long it'll take for the front door to break off and disappear (like what happened to all of my old Antec cases).

Good to see some cases still catering to the few of us who still use optical media.
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