Wednesday, March 14th 2007

Thermaltake Launches New Enthusiast Cooler at CeBIT

Thermaltake is set to launch new V1 stylish cooler designed for enthusiasts at this year's CeBIT, starting 15 March 2007. Build with all copper construction and 4 long length heatpipes of total 936mm in length, it provides most efficient heat conductivity and heat transfer for the latest Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad LGA775 and AMD socket AM2 processors. The cooler is equipped with silent and powerfull 110mm LED VR fan. Manually controlled (1300-2000rpm) by the VR Control, it is nearly noisless with only 16dBA at minimum fan speed. The Thermaltake V1 cooler weights 637g.Source: Thermaltake
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3 Comments on Thermaltake Launches New Enthusiast Cooler at CeBIT

Even if this works out well I'll stay with other tower-coolers like the Scythe Ninja/Infinity and the like.

a.1) I can use the fan _I_ want.
a.2) 110mm... why not just let ME use a 3rd party 120mm one

b) LED Fan, ugh... kaka HAET LED fans
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I want to see more all-copper coolers like this. I agree kakazza, though. I would definitely want to buy a 3rd party fan that would run nice and quiet.
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Bird of Prey
Is it me, or does this look like a geisha fan?
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