Thursday, March 15th 2007

Commodore Gaming PCs Revealed

After more than two decades, Commodore is looking to get back into the market with it’s line of high-end custom gaming PC’s, going head-to-head against the likes of Alienware, Falcon Northwest, and Voodoo PC. Commodore will be offering four different PC models from the entry- to high-end level, named the Commodore Cg, Cgs, Cgx, and Cxx respectively. The initial hardware specifications for the ‘extreme level’ Cxx flagship system are as follows: Intel Core 2 Quad QX6700 2.66GHz quad-core processor, an Asus P5N32-E nForce 680i SLI motherboard, 2x 150GB 10,000 RPM SATA drives in RAID 0, with a spare 500GB 7,200RPM SATA drive, 4GB (2x 2048MB) Corsair 8500C5D Dominator memory running at 1066 MHz, 2x NVIDIA 8800 GTX 768MB videocards, a Creatve Labs X-Fi Xtreme Gamer, 1000W ICE Cube power supply, and Windows Vista Ultimate. All Commodore gaming PC’s will come with two-year warranty on parts and fully personalised custom chassis paint.Source: Primotech
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Bird of Prey
Sweet. After all, they were the first computer gaming to speak.

Now, if they can make some with AMD procs....this would truly be sweet.
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Completely Bonkers
Well, I have to admit... they do look nice... and are very very well specced. But I imagine they will also be very pricey! In the end... will people pay a big premium for a nice box and the commodore logo? Not many people on this site... but for non-techie-nerds that like gaming... with a very big pocket... and there's lots of them... could be a big market. Target age group? 25-35? No way I would buy this for the kids... way too expensive.

Let's see what happens.
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It will be cool to see Commodore back in action... but it will not be the same Commodore I remember as a kid. Back in the 80's and 90's, they offered an affordable option to play games on a PC. Based on the specs of the current top end gaming PC, that will not be affordable... at least not for me.

To be honest, there needs to be more "entry level" gaming PCs available. I see no reason why a company could not put together a "basic" gaming PC for under $1000. For somebody without any knowledge on building a basic gaming system, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are better buys. Now that you can surf the internet on the Playstation and Xbox, the PC is really starting to get serious competition. Hopefully, Commodore will address this with one of the lower end PC gaming systems. :)
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I'm hoping they sell the black case by itself
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The only one I would buy is the black case. I really don't like flashy pictures all over my case. Of course I doubt I would ever buy one. For the obvious reasons.
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Azn Tr14dZ
I would actually buy it with a customized case. It would be cool to have Godfather or Scarface (movie, not game) all over my case.
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I'm the only one
all with a sweet little amiga 500 grand daddy.they look sweet.

nice to see commodore back.they ruled in the 80's
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My stars went supernova
I love this case
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Completely Bonkers
Commodore will GO BUST AGAIN.

The money is in the games, or proprietary hardware, no commodity PC equipment. Those "nice cases" are not enough for Commodore to make any money on their low low volumes and high high marketing costs.

Commodore, RIP 2007
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Gs one has:

* Intel® Core™ Duo processor E6600: 2.4 GHz 4M Cache
* ASUS P5N32-E nForce 680i SLI motherboard
* 1x 320GB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive
* 2GB Corsair® Twin2x2048-6400C4 memory: 800MHz
* Philips® DVDRW optical drive
* 750W ICE Cube power supply
* On Board Integrated Hi Definition 7.1 Channel sound
* NVIDIA® 8800 GTS 320MB graphics card

"Preloaded with a C64 emulator, containing more than 50 classic games" x)
"High density layered sound insulation"

Kinda sounds like a perfect puter for me, but I don't do ready built computers. Still have C16 and had C128D (that had a C64 mode), so these do look nice. Hope that sell the case only someday.

All specs here:

C-Kin seems like a nice feature:
"Having a C-kin on your Commodore PC is not like having a tattoo; you can renew it at any time to fit your mood and occasion, simply by changing your C-kin."
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They seem to love nvidia... not touchin them.
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Wile E
Power User
tkpenalty said:
They seem to love nvidia... not touchin them.
I''m assuming that's because nVidia has a better selection of multiple video card mobos. So far only nVidia chipsets offer 2 true 16x lanes for gfx on the intel platform.
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