Wednesday, November 18th 2020

MSI Announces PRO MP242 Series Eye Care Monitor

Without question, MSI is the market leader in the gaming hardware industry but also the innovative pioneer of technology. MSI always showcases cutting edge technology that surprises the world. As the world tends to be unpredictable, MSI keeps on developing products with stylish, stable, and the best performance for all kinds of users. The MSI PRO Series Monitor is meant for both commercial and professional use. Crafted with reliable materials, and optimized with versatile applicability for different situations, the MSI PRO Series Monitor is built to deliver an excellent visual and user experience.

With the MSI display kit, children are able to alter their screens to different modes and learn effectively in different situations. For example, the screen display can be separated into two parts so children can read and look at the images at the same time. With the adjustable pivot, the screen of PRO MP242P can be turned to 90 degrees, so you can view the screen vertically if you need it. What's more, when children are making crafts, they can make good use of the space of their desks by mounting the PRO MP242 Series with the MSI MT81 or mount MSI Cubi on its back. The two 2 W built-in speakers allow children to listen to audio files or join on-line courses without connecting external speakers or wearing an earphone.
Expand The Value With Dual Screen and MSI Cubi N
Need to take notes while attending online courses? Too much information to look at? No need to worry. If one PRO MP242 is not enough, a second monitor will do the trick for you. With a PRO MP242 and a PRO MP242P, kids can see more and do more at the same time and can also adjust the stand for different tasks and homework. As children are learning with two monitors, the lack of space won't be an issue because a Cubi N in a compact size can save space and provide them outstanding power that can always support them and be their foundation for remote learning.
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ok, for real, wtf is this crap? and dear lord since when are press releases so cringy to read?
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