Friday, March 16th 2007

'Googlephone' confirmed by Google

We reported just a few days ago that Google was applying for several patents that indicated a possible 'Googlephone'. Turns out that Google really is planning on making their own phone. Spanish Google representative Isabel Aguilera confirms this 'Googlephone' in an Spanish. If you can read Spanish, you can read the interview here. If you feel like an English translation, you can read the interview here.Source: The Inquirer
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2 Comments on 'Googlephone' confirmed by Google

good for Goggle but id expect Goggle branded electronics to be widely adapted but i wouldnt buy one myself unless it was very cheap.
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Bird of Prey
And insanely priced like the Iphone. Anyone notice that the Iphone uses some outdated technology that is no better than a blackberry?
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