Thursday, November 26th 2020

GELID Announces AMBER5, 5-channel ARGB Controller with Remote

Tech innovator GELID Solutions unveils the latest 5-channel RF Remote ARGB controller. The AMBER5 is a product of GELID Solutions GAMER product line. The AMBER5 controls up to 5 fans, strips or other Addressable RGB (ARGB) devices and boasts 366 vivid lighting presets spanning a carefully selected collection of pre-programmed RGB modes and dynamic effects. It comes with the 21-key RF (Radio Frequency) Remote to provide reliable and responsive remote control in the range of 8 meters. For stable power output, the SATA power connectivity is utilized which delivers up to 85 W maximum power and supports ARGB devices with up to 120 LEDs onboard to lit up and control on each channel.

The AMBER5 also supports a passthrough ARGB Sync/Hub Mode via the ARGB Sync Cable equipped with the standard 3-pin ARGB connector (ASUS Aura) and VDG connector (GIGABYTE/AORUS RGB Fusion) compatible to all modern motherboards featuring RGB. You are free to use the controller presets or switch to your own presets designed in your favorite RGB software. The AMBER5 can be installed inside or outside your PC just in seconds thanks to the built-in magnet. Additionally, the adhesive Sticky Pad is also included to facilitate installation in aluminium-made or non-metallic PC chassis.
"AMBER5 makes RGB easy and simple. It operates fully remote and boasts 366 vivid RGB presets out of the box, you don't have to be bonded to your motherboard's RGB software to implement spectacular lighting effects", said Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.

The AMBER5 is available now and has a MSRP of USD 14.99 or Euro 12.99. For more information, visit this page.
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5 Comments on GELID Announces AMBER5, 5-channel ARGB Controller with Remote

Nice unit at a nice price, but is their control system any better or worse than most mobo softwares ?
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Just from the pics alone it looks cheaply made. Just look at the pins in the socket.

I definitely don't regret spending $60 on the Cooler Master controller.
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Just look at the pins in the socket.
Bent pin and damaged plastic

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What is needed is an argb controller that uses a 8 pin (or even dual 6 pin) PCIe power input so that it can control AT LEAST 144 pixels/LEDs per channel so that 144led/meter strips are an option, personally I'd prefer at least 300 LEDs per channel, but even 500-600 per channel so that I have the option to use 5 meter long 60 LED/meter strips or even 96, or even 120 LED/meter strips in 5 meter lengths and I'd want it to have at least 6 channels, so upwards of 3600 LEDs in total (really silicone diffused flexible "neons" which can be had cheaply on aliexpress and are far more cheap than any PC branded ones... Even picked up a 4mmx8mm neon that's just as good as any PC brand at 25% of the price) anyway...

The reason I'd want so much power supplied is so that I could use the controller to not only power and control the LEDs in my PC case, but extend that "eco system" for ambient lighting around my desk and the rest of my office/room so that all the lighting in the entire room can be controlled by a single controller.

Furthermore, I'd want software control that's extremely fine grained... I'm talking as much control as with using FastLED code on an arduino but with a GUI that allows exact control over every individual pixel/led. Preferably this software would be akin to the Thermaltake neon maker software which basically uses a timeline similar to video editing software so that you can have exact control over the timing of everything. This would be my perfect controller
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That sounds very ambitious, but you know what? I think that sounds cool and I'm not against it. Unified, open software as well as a higher quality and range of selection for the lighting market is just an absolute win, should things go that way.
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