Saturday, March 17th 2007

Eidos to Release PC Titles via Steam

Eidos Interactive and Valve announced an agreement to deliver dozens of new and best-selling PC titles via Steam. This first agreement includes complete franchise sets of classics such as Tomb Raider, the entire Commandos series, Battlestations: Midway, Just Cause and many of the Hitman titles. In addition, Eidos is bringing some of this year's most highly anticipated releases to Steam, including Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Championship Manager 2007, and more. Pricing information is available at, and news of additional Eidos games heading to Steam will be announced in the coming weeks. Source: Steam
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Bird of Prey
Alright...Ill have to shoot on over and give them a look see.
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i wish more games would use steam or something like it. i really like the feature that installs maps and map sounds when playing online if you dont have the map. would make it eaiser than searching for the map, installing it, and then playing.
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