Saturday, March 17th 2007

New Xeons and pricecuts in Q3

Intel will be releasing new Xeon models in Q3 this year. The quad core 5300 series will get a 3.0GHz part to take the lead from the current 2.66GHz model. The single processor line up will get a 2.66GHz part as well. Besides higher clocks the new models will remain identical to the current parts.

Additionally Prices for most Xeon models will be lowered in a very aggressive way, obviously to battle AMD's Barcelona chip. A quad core Xeon could be yours for just over $200 (1.6GHz model) in July. For a full list of new prices check out DailyTech.Source: DailyTech
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Well AMD started the price and performance wars and it looks like Intel wants to finish it with the main winner being the consumer.

consumer power ftw!
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64 cores processor

At this rate we will see a 32 core processor in a few years
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