Sunday, March 18th 2007

XFX to release nForce 680i SLI LT mobo

XFX to release nForce 680i SLI LT motherboard

XFX was showing off an unreleased nForce 680i SLI LT motherboard on its stand at CeBIT. We reported some info about NVIDIA's upcoming 680i SLI LT chipset a while back and it looks like manufacturers are catching on. It is also interesting to see more and more companies from the video card business enter the motherboard segment too.

The sample from XFX looks very similar to the reference NVIDIA board.Source: Bit-tech
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So 680i LT is like 650i, but with x16/x16 SLi? Sounds wonderfull, but if its only a few bucks cheaper than the 680i, then there isnt much point to it in my account..
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Bird of Prey
One thing that strikes me odd about this board, is the placement of the PCI and PCIe16X slots. I mean, if you use a double wide card, you are only left with one pci slot. Some folks like to have their own sound, raid, nic (killer nic anyone?) etc cards and such.

Also, I hate the green. I know green is the defacto pcb color, but with companies around here that make the boards, they have other colors available. Its a simple spray and bake on process really. I really love the blue and black boards myself.
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Whats with the removed stuff? This motherboard isn't very impressive... When you consider it is basically a reference design with some sticker attatched.
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it appears to be a high performance mATX SLI board - i'm pretty sure that people going this arent going to go small VGA cards however, and 8800's arent likely to fit a mATX case so i'm a little lost as to its purpose...
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Wow, XFX making motherboards?!

I wonder if their customer support knows.

(I used to have an old XFX board, had problems and called support, they said they never made motherboards. Reason why I don't like XFX.)
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