Monday, January 4th 2021

Abkoncore Intros T750G SYNC Series Full-tower Cases

Abkoncore today introduced the T750G SYNC series of ATX full-tower cases. The lineup includes two variants based mainly on the pattern of their ARGB LED lighting elements, V1 and V2. The V1 variant features tiny streaks of lighting that make up polygonal shapes, such as the trapezoid along the front-panel, and the triangle at the side; while the V2 variant features a pattern made up of ASCII characters that can be made to resemble code from "The Matrix." Tempered glass makes up the front- and left-side panels on both the variants, which are structurally identical to each other. The mid-tower comes with 7 expansion slots, and two vertical slots, including a holder for a PCIe riser (not included).

The Abkoncore T750 SYNC measures 225 mm x 400 mm x 465 mm (WxDxH). It gets its name from an included multi-channel ARGB controller module that can either be synced with your motherboard over a 3-pin header; or use its own 368 lighting presets. Ventilation options include the ability to mount either three 140 mm / 120 mm or two 200 mm fans along the front-panel; up to two 140 mm / 120 mm fans along the top; and a 140 mm / 120 mm rear exhaust. The largest radiators you can use with the case include a 420 mm x 140 mm along the front; a 280 mm x 140 mm along the top; and a 140 mm x 140 mm along the rear. Storage options include two 3.5-inch / 2.5-inch trays, and two 2.5-inch mounts. Front-panel connectivity includes two each of USB 3.x type-A and USB 2.0 type-A ports, and HDA jacks. The company didn't reveal pricing.
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I wonder, do even half of these cases produce enough money to warrant the tooling?
Not even talking about companies that no one heard but big ones, they come up with a new case every month..
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Geez, you'd think with as much RGB stank they put into this thing, they could have included at least a couple rubber groments. Surely they aren't that expensive...
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