Monday, March 19th 2007

ATI has RD790 chipset

Fudzilla has a brief note about the upcoming RD790 chipset from ATI. The 690 chipset, launched not so long ago, will get a brother in the form of the 790, which is scheduled for late this year.

It will support Barcelona processors and especially the Agena FX as well as similar products that will be natively quad core.

The chipset also has the edge in the graphics department, as it can support multiple R600 cards and Quad FX. It comes with at least two PCIe 16X slots and two 1207+ sockets. Moreover, it supports Hypertransport 3. As with all ATI chipsets, it supports Crossfire.Source: Fudzilla
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Bird of Prey
no, not screw barcelona. Not everyone wants a damn C2D either. I think this is positive news, though it kind of sucks that its 1207+ socket, instead of the AM2 socket. Anyone know if they are going to be making an AM2 version of Aegena ?
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