Monday, January 11th 2021

EVGA Teases GeForce RTX 3090 KINGPIN Hydro Copper Graphics Card

Jacob Freeman, Global Product Management Director at EVGA, has posted a teaser on his Twitter account for EVGA's upcoming GeForce RTX 3090 KINGPIN Hydro Copper graphics card. The KINGPIN lineup of graphics cards represent the highest-end design from EVGA, and it is built for extreme overclocking with the use of LN2 and with extreme voltages applied. The newly teased GeForce RTX 3090 KINGPIN Hydro Copper card is built for overclocking, however, this model is designed to be cooled by water as there is a water block mounted on the card itself. Called "hydro copper" the name is pretty self-explanatory as it implies that the water block is made out of copper for the best possible heat transfer.

The water block top is build using clear acrylic so the liquid inside the block can be seen. There are integrated RGB lights to customize your build and make the GPU fit in with your flashing lights using EVGA's software. The GPU is most likely going to feature a boost frequency of 1920 MHz, just like its brother GeForce RTX 3090 KINGPIN Hybrid card. Also, an XOC (Extreme Overclocking) BIOS is expected to be applied from the factory, which would bring the maximum power to 450 Watts. Pricing and availability are unknown at the moment.
Source: Jacob Freeman (EVGA) on Twitter
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9 Comments on EVGA Teases GeForce RTX 3090 KINGPIN Hydro Copper Graphics Card

how boring does that look lol.
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Finally a fully water blocked card, it's a sad thing that it'll cost 5 million dollars but..... :)
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Scalper, me need to feed me family. 1000+ card added to cart.
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they should re-add RGB and boost the price $50 more bucks, what were they thinking!
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It's almost like it is looking back at us.
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Caring1It's almost like it is looking back at us.
are trying to creep the rest of us out???
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I need this....I want to have all clear, acrylic covered hardware so I can stare at the liquid flowing through it while my computer runs. There's no need even look at a monitor anymore, let alone needing a monitor.
And performance of the hardware? Who cares? As long as I get to see that liquidy-goodness flowing over the components I'll be happy.
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