Tuesday, January 12th 2021

GIGABYTE AORUS "Performance Above All" Virtual Launch Event: Live Blog

Today we are welcoming GIGABYTE's AORUS to present the latest innovations in the PC space with the newest product announcements. Join us in the live blog coverage of the "Performance Above All" virtual launch event and find out what AORUS has been working on in the meantime.

Update 17:45 UTC The event is starting...
17:48 UTC GIGABYTE looks back in time on their previous designs. The company looks back all the way to 2012 with their first entry to the laptop market. David from GIGABYTE opens the event.
17:49 UTC NVIDIA's 3000 series of Ampere GPUs is coming to GIGABYTE AORUS laptops. The use of AI and Tensor cores increases for gaming and non-gaming tasks. Outside gaming, GIGABYTE uses AI to calibrate fan speeds based on user-defined noise level wish.
17:52 UTC: New AORUS and AERO laptops are incoming.

17:53 UTC: Better thermal system that improves airflow by 30%. The stress test of CPU and GPU ran concurrently and the system didn't throttle. The cooling system is sufficient to cool both a high-performance and thin and light configuration.
17:55 UTC: The new laptops use "top-notch" display designs. The AERO model features a calibrated Samsung OLED panel for immersive content consumption and best content creation. They ship calibrated displays for content creators to enjoy the new products without worries.
17:57UTC: Both of the new products feature a mechanical keyboard with Omron mechanical switches and RGB lighting.
18:01 UTC: GIGABYTE showcases user feedback. Great design with good screen and good performance.
18:04 UTC: GIGABYTE says that their philosophy is the adaptation to the users and making their needs a priority. GIGABYTE shows off the I/O on their laptops so users don't need additional adapters for their applications. The inspiration for the design are supercars with their sleek bodies that reflect engineering perfection.
18:07 UTC: Pricing and availability is announced, along with the specifications of these new models.
18:10 UTC: That is about it, GIGABYTE has presenting everything they prepared and the event has finished now.
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