Tuesday, March 20th 2007

PlayStation 3 1.60 Firmware to Add Background Downloading

After a day spent in preflashing my new Sony PSP, it seems appropiate for me to inform you that an upcoming system update of the PlayStation 3 firmware to version 1.6 will give users the ability to download files from the PlayStation Network in the background. Currently, PlayStation 3 owners must halt all activity and remain focused on the download progress bar. Any attempt at another operation on the console will cancel the download, which is non-resumable. Another recently announced feature to be included in the 1.60 update is the introduction of Folding@home functionality, giving owners of a PS3 the opportunity to use their new game system to help find real-life cures to diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cystic fibrosis and many cancers. Version 1.60 will also improve the Web browsing ability of the PS3. The update will bring zooming and new resolution settings for easier surfing, plus a full-sized keyboard on-screen for more convenient text entry. The release date of the new firmware is March 22 2007.Source: DailyTech
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7 Comments on PlayStation 3 1.60 Firmware to Add Background Downloading

Wile E
Power User
Wow! That's pretty amazing. I wouldn't mind running F@H in unused time on a PS3, if I had one. Kudos to Sony for doing something good.
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Well, that will be one power swallowing Folding box ;)

Also, yay for background downloading, I think it took M$ over one year to add that :) (including queuing and stuff)
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Completely Bonkers
Already at firmware v1.60? It's becoming more and more obvious that PS3 was released a little early... to imagine a machine with multi-core cell processors designed for multitasking not being able to do 2 things at the same time. LOL

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Bird of Prey
Awesome stuff. Im still a tad worried about heat though. My PS3 is a nice little oven, I imagine I could cook a pizza nice and crispy, with gooey cheese melty, just by putting it behind the air vents ::Rofl::.

I have yet to use the PS network, but thats because my router is giving me fits.
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I can't imagine any good coming from working a confined little heater box at full load for any appreciable amount of time. Honestly, I see hardware failures of heat-induced origins on the horizon.
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Completely Bonkers
Perhaps v1.60 will increase failure rates due to heat... imagine all those PS3's now doing 2 things at the same time! I'm surprised they didnt release this patch after ONE YEAR warranty is out. LOL. :roll:

It's like owning a Ferrari... but never driving it above 30mph, because the gearbox and/or engine is unreliable.
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downloading things didn't really bother me on my ps3 before, just start it at night when you go to bed

i don't think i will be running folding@home on mine though, i just don't want to put a $600 console though that kind of torture
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