Thursday, April 15th 2021

ENACFIRE Launches its Gaming and Lifestyle G10 True Wireless Earbuds

ENACFIRE, an emerging audio accessory brand, is pleased to announce the launch of its G10 wireless earbuds, the first 2-in-1 gaming and lifestyle wireless earbuds in the range. Designed for hours of gaming and music listening, they are small and comfortable to wear with a Role Switch feature and an expertly-tuned sound to enhance listening experiences. The ENACFIRE G10 gaming earbuds are extremely affordable and available to buy for $26.99 from and will be available on Amazon UK from May for £29.99.

With a specific focus on gaming, the G10 include a Role Switch feature to gently streamline the single mode switching process. This allows it to break through the master-slave restrictions of traditional wireless earbuds to flip between Single Earbud and Couple Earbud Mode in a second without the need for a complicated manual connection process. The ultra-low-latency technology from ENACFIRE's proprietary Bluetooth chip helps to accelerate the audio processing to provide a better gaming experience with even more detail to help players immerse themselves into new worlds. Using this Game Mode provides 40% faster speed and high 200 ms transmission delay. Whether playing or listening to music, this will enhance the experience and provide smooth audio.
The ENACFIRE G10 earbuds have an expertly-tuned sound that is ultra-realistic with triple-layer composite diaphragms to give music a wider soundstage with exceptional accuracy across the entire frequency range. Using a 30% lighter dynamic driver, the G10 deliver 40% more bass, 100% more treble and clear mids so that music is heard clearly and with impressive quality. Working on Bluetooth 5.0, they have a range of up to 10 m/33 ft and a strong and stable connection.

Designed to prevent ear fatigue, the G10 have a new lower profile size and are 20% slimmer and lighter than many competitors on the market making them amazingly comfortable to wear as they sit flush in the ear. The ideal choice for those with small ear canals or small ears in general, they are both tiny and comfortable, users can even fall asleep in them whilst passively blocking noise and listening to soothing sounds. The earbuds have up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge but using the pocket-sized charging case can provide an additional five full charges when the earbuds are stored inside so giving a total listening time of 36 hours. When the power has run out, the Type-C fast charging port means that users never need to be without them for too long.

The G10 earbuds have an independent connection for both left and right meaning that it will connect no matter which side is taken out of the case and they can be worn with just one earbud in as well for complete convenience. The precise touch control reduces the worry of accidental touches impacting the experience and makes it simple to control volume, play/pause music, skip tracks, accept calls and activate voice assistants. The dedicated internal and two external noise cancelling microphones pick up voices and isolate these from outside noises so that calls are clear and rich, even in noisy locations. The G10 are also IPX8 waterproof so are resistant to sweat, water and rain meaning they can be worn in all weather conditions or even used in the gym with no worries about any damage.

The ENACFIRE G10 are available for $26.99 from and will be available on Amazon UK from May for £29.99.
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