Monday, May 17th 2021

Introducing Epomaker AK84S - An Extremely Versatile Hotswappable TKL Mechanical Keyboard

[Editor's note: Our review of the Epomaker AK84S can be found here for those interested.]

The Epomaker AK84S, now available on Kickstarter, is an 84-key wireless hot-swappable mechanical keyboard that is specifically optimized for macOS compatibility. It's versatile and customizable, even for its switches and keycaps. Compared with Epomaker previous GK/SK keyboards, the AK84S is equipped with a new set of silicone keycaps. On top of that, the proprietary Chocolate switches are available in different types to offer various tactile feelings. The AK84S provides several types of designs, including an aluminum frame version, a full aluminum case version, and a unique bold acrylic design version.
Perfect for Windows, born for macOS
The AK84S is perfect for your daily work, especially for Mac users who are seeking a mechanical keyboard with a native macOS layout. It offers all essential media keys on the mac, meanwhile coming with a supportive software to help you remap and customized the keys.

Proprietary GK2 Silicone Keycaps
The GK2 is the world's first and most innovative keycaps constructed from textured silicone to provide a unique typing surface for your fingers. Offering a soft and tendering tactile feeling, the silicone keycaps allow you to replace keycaps easily without using any tools. Combining with the included keycap holder, the silicone keycaps sit stably just like all the premium PBT keycaps. Each backer who places an order on the Epomaker AK84S Kickstarter campaign will receive a free set of silicone keycaps.

Hot-swappable keyboard with innovative switches
Being hot-swappable, the AK84S allows users to easily replace the switches without any soldering. Gateron switches and new proprietary Epomaker Chocolate switches are available. The universal requirement of engineering tolerance for switches operation force is 15g. However, we successfully tighten the tolerance of operation force to 5g by conducting millions of tests and research. This means the Chocolate switches can precisely recognize the subtle differences of each finger press, delivering an unparalleled customized tactile feeling.

Dual connection modes for multitasking
Designed for versatility, the AK84S can be connected either by using a TypeC cable or via Bluetooth 5.1. With Bluetooth 5.1, it easily connects seamlessly with your phone, laptop, or tablet. It can connect to 3 devices at once, allowing the users to seamlessly switch among the smartphone, laptop, and tablet.

16M Backlit RGB
The AK84S shines with rhythm on the desk. It carries 9 types of default lighting effects, whilst more can be downloaded online. All lighting effects are easily loaded via the provided driver, and users can even create more of their own by using the Macro-creation function. Simply connect the keyboard using a USB cable to update the driver and effects.
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yee haw maw, moar candy-cane lookin/multi-colored mishy mashy goodness for all those who enjoy such things...

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First and third pictures brings me to childhood, the last part it need to fully resemble it - put a "computer" inside such keyboard, with computational power of let's say Snapdragon 8xx it will be enough for most people.
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Fisher-Price make keyboards now?
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The silicone keycaps seem innovative and interesting.
Caring1Fisher-Price make keyboards now?
You really have a strange idea of what makes a keyboard "childish." Only one of those color schemes (barely) reminds me of anything from my childhood.

More customization options in this segment are good, not bad.
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