Monday, June 14th 2021

Xbox Unveils the Ultimate Xbox and Chill... Mini Fridge?

Xbox had a bit of an unusual announcement to make. If you have ever felt the need for a cool drink in your long gaming sessions, the folks over at Xbox got you covered. Today, the company has unveiled its Xbox Mini Fridge, which is basically what it is called - a mini-fridge. What is so special about you might wonder? Well, for starters, it is not just a regular cooling device. It has the aesthetics of the Xbox Series X console and even features a cool green and black painting, with a green coat inside. It is the ultimate device for Xbox and chill, coming your way in holiday 2021. The pricing and capacity of this mini-fridge are unknown, but it should handle a few soda cans and ice cream just fine.
Check out the YouTube premiere below.

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10 Comments on Xbox Unveils the Ultimate Xbox and Chill... Mini Fridge?

I'm actually super hyped for this. A collectors item for sure
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1. oh cool, you got an Xbox? lets do some forza yo!
2. nah brah....just a want some beer though?

now we just need a PS5 grill/toaster
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kayjay010101I'm actually super hyped for this. A collectors item for sure
honestly if the price is right like $70-90 (which it probably won't be that cheap sadly) but if it were i wouldn't mind having one in my bedroom just so i don't have to walk through the entire house for a quick can of my sparkling water I enjoy.

you can buy like giant dorm room fridges for $150... so if they price it that high its a big no...
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Perfect item to be paired with KFConsole and a beer helmet :rockout:
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I think they're a bit late with April fools.
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On one hand - this could be the one console I would by - on the other side - cooling if size is right might acually be poor because of the fridge takeing up all the space - a xbox in the fridge would make more sence
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Just checking. Is 1st of April at a different time in Silicon Valley? :D
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Wasn't this a meme when they first came out?
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I'd buy one. I'm so over a radiator sitting in a bucket of ice and want a more elegant solution. I've been keeping an eye out for a small cheap mini-fridge to covert into a underdesk mounted chiller for my pc. It looks small enough and isn't ugly, the problem with mini-fridge I've looked at. Really want to know the price and will it get temps to freezing.
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