Saturday, March 31st 2007

Website readers have longer attention spans

Or so a study of 600 Americans claims. When given a newspaper article, the average American will read 75% of it if it is on a website. This isn't too bad, especially when compared to the 62% of an article in the average reliable newspaper (like The Boston Globe) the average American will read. The same American will read about 57% of an article published in a tabloid-style newspaper, such as The Weekly World News. These numbers are surprising, especially considering how much effort people will put into putting a news story in print. However, if you consider how much longer the average newspaper article is, maybe newspaper-readers do have longer attention spans after all.Source: The Inquirer
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zekrahminator said:
The World Weekly News.
You mean The Weekly World News?
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so thats why there's so many DA's out there, they're only readin part of the facts and then pretending to be experts lol.
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