Tuesday, February 5th 2008

Doctor Analyzes Cyber Sex and its Effect on the Technology Industry

While some would dismiss "cyber sex", or two people pleasuring themselves/each other utilizing technology, as a childish game reserved for hackers and 14-year-old girls from California, a doctor from the University of Portsmouth says that there is much more to cyber sex than just that. A lot more people are having cyber sex than we would like to think, and have a detrimental effect on technology. Dr Trudy Barber decided to investigate what this effect is and how deep it runs. She completed her thesis on "Creative Digital Practice and Theory Mash-up", and will present it on Friday. Until then, The Inquirer was able to interview Dr.Barber on the effect of cyber sex on the world. Much like in real life, the desire for sexual gratification has led to some interesting innovations. AOL Instant Messenger, Webcams, and various services would likely not have seen the success that they have had if not for a lot of people seeking digital sexual gratification. Dr.Barber also asserts that the digital universe allows cyber sex partners to assume roles that they have always wanted to. Please follow the source link for The Inquirer's interview with Dr.Barber.Source: The Inquirer
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Cold Storm
it shows Bill gates! lol.. so he's behind this all!?!? wow.. didn't know it was like that! Ben your the MAN!
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Sold my stars!


now i know why peeps think and say that msn messenger has spyware! of course good ol bill would wanna tap into our webcams when he could use an LAO lol.
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Guess in the next century we will start seeing "Cyber affairs"

"No, honey i swear! i never cybered with that lady i don't even know her AIM!"
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This is linked directly to the front page. Please act in a mature and suitable manner.
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Cold Storm
its pretty strange how this is all linked... remember... The wii marriage stuff?!?!? people cheating on their spouses through wii!?!? it just shows you that any tech. can be used for both good and bad...

And yeah therm your right... this is linked to the front.. Zek isn't here to post general Nonsense, he's posting because he wants to do the news! So next time people, look where its at... Not all Zek threads are being posted as humor...
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I fail to see how anything in that article says that cybersex is having a "detrimental effect on technology"... doesn't it say just the opposite?
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that's sad... cybersex...
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How is this supposed to stop "cyber sex"??:confused:
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