Saturday, January 6th 2007

Dye could lead to faster internet

According to researchers at the Chinese Academy of Science, Washington State University, and the University of Leuven, a new dye has been developed which could potentially see much faster internet connections. Their work shows that the dye interacts more strongly with light than any other known material, possibly even 50% better. This would mean that if it was integrated into optical based networks or internet connections it could wield much faster transfer rates, as well as giving the optical tubes a more colorful appearance. So far, no predictions have been made about when this technology can be expected to become available to consumers, but it’s likely to be a few years away yet.Source: The Inquirer
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3 Comments on Dye could lead to faster internet

Bird of Prey
Interesting to say the least. Pretty soon, water will be doing everything for us. :laugh:
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Graphical Hacker
And the one where he goes to Peru!
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