Monday, September 13th 2021

Windows Subsystem for Android Performance Benchmarks Discovered

Microsoft announced that as part of Windows 11 Android applications would be natively supported as if they were desktop apps. The Windows Subsystem for Android will enable this support through emulation and is derived from the Windows Subsystem for Linux added in Windows 10. Microsoft has been working with Intel and Amazon to integrate their Bridge Technology and Appstore to improve the performance and experience of using Android apps. We have recently seen a slew of Geekbench results from devices running the Windows Subsystem for Android which reveals what we can expect in terms of performance.

The listings show Geekbench 5 single-core scores ranging from 107 - 828 and multi-core scores between 439 - 4908 which indicates that performance could far exceed that of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 on the high-end. We cannot determine the specific desktop processor used in each benchmark so these results can only be interpreted as a potential range. Microsoft has announced that Android support won't be available in Windows 11 at launch and will instead come as a future update.
Source: Geekbench
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The moment some decent, HW assisted emulation for Android is available to the masses, is the moment where Google will launch their next OS.
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It sounds promising, though since the cpu used is unknown it remains one of those “lab test” results are only guaranteed under certain conditions with specific hardware, to achieve wide compatibility is the challenge imo
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