Wednesday, September 15th 2021

MSI Announces PRO AP241 All-in-One Desktop

MSI, a world leader in high performance and innovative computing solutions, have announced the PRO AP241 11M All-in-One PC. Featuring powerful processors and eye care technology with an IPS panel for a wide viewing angle and enhanced viewing experience, PRO AP241 is designed with efficiency and productivity in mind. While most All-in-One PCs in the market utilize mobile-grade processors, the PRO AP241 11M features the Desktop-grade H510 chipset with new 11th Gen Intel Rocket Lake CPUs for unparalleled performance. It is easier than ever to upgrade this All-in-One PC with relatively easier access to critical components like the CPU, RAM, SSD, and HDD. This increases product usefulness over time with potential upgrades and easier maintenance.

PRO AP241 11M can help improve work flow and efficiency. With an HDMI-out port, you are able to connect another monitor and easily navigate multiple windows or documents at the same time. Anti-flicker technology for the display helps to keep your eyes healthy and reduce fatigue throughout long work hours. Featuring up to Intel Core i7-11700 processor, PRO AP241 stays responsive with low load times when multi-tasking while remaining cool thanks to it's Server-grade cooling system to reduce CPU thermal throttling. Information security is always indispensable for businesses; the PRO AP241 supports FW TPM technology which can protect device data from attacks by malicious software and unauthorized access.
Make It Simple To Connect To The World
With a slim design and two colorways, the PRO AP241 brings a professional and sleek look to any office or room. When you need to attend an online conference call or online courses, simply connect the included MSI Full HD Webcam with integrated microphone to the PC. Bluetooth 5.2 and built-in WiFi further amplifies wireless device compatibility with headset, mice, keyboards and more to increase user experience and reduce wire clutter. The IPS panel display with a wide viewing angle and full HD resolution (1920x1080) allows for crystal clear video calls and easily readable text and graphics. What's more, the tool-free design makes the PRO AP241 easy to assemble and disassemble, making the system simple to relocate when needed.
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Power adapter included, but not in the images.
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TardianPower adapter included, but not in the images.
Because it's a big ugly power brick.
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