Friday, September 17th 2021

Denon Launches its First TWS Earbuds

Denon isn't the first brand most people think of when it comes to in-ear headphones, nor wireless headphones for that matter, but the company has a range of very high-end over-ear headphones in its lineup of products. This might be set to change though, with the company introducing two new sets of TWS earbuds in the shape of the AH-C630W and the AH-C830NCW.

The design appears very similar between the two models and apart from the little silver accent on the bottom of the AH-C830NCW, it's hard to tell the two apart from just looking at them. The main difference between the two is that the AH-C830NCW comes with active noise cancelling, insert detection and Google Fast Pair. Both models use standard dynamic drivers, with the AH-C830NCW having an unusual oval shape that measures 11x10 mm and the AH-C630W using a regular driver with a 10 mm diameter.
The housing design is meant to reduce wear fatigue and features an AirPod like design with stems. Unlike Apple though, the stem doesn't appear to be where the battery is located, but this is rather where the antennas are placed and this is said to have been done to improve the signal quality to try and prevent those pesky cutouts that Bluetooth headphones sometimes encounter. Both models are IPX4 rated and are as such considered sweat proof.

Taking a closer look at the hardware side of things, Bluetooth 5.0 is part of the package, but sadly Denon only went for SBC and AAC codec support, which means these are not Hi-Res audio certified. Touch controls are also included, which is seemingly becoming a standard feature of TWS buds. The AH-C830NCW features three beamforming microphones that in addition to noise cancelling, supports echo cancellation technology which is meant to improve call quality by cutting out ambient noise.
The AH-C830NCW is said to be good for 4.8 h of usage with ANC on and 6 h with it off. Oddly enough the AH-C630W is only good for 4.5 h between charges and must be using a smaller battery. Both models come with a charging case that should be good for four full charges and the charging time of the earbuds is two hours for both models. The charging case charges via a USB-C port. The AH-C830NCW weighs 5.3 g each, with the AH-C630W coming in at 4.7 g each.

The AH-C630W is expected to retail for around US$95 and the AH-C830NCW is coming in at almost twice that, at around US$185. Both models will be available in black or white.
Source: Denon Japan
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There is room in the arrangement of each sound. As mentioned above, the theme is "Vivid & Spacious", which is the same as Denon's Hi-Fi component. .. Furthermore, the higher model AH-C830W has an image that the low range is sharper and the stereoscopic effect is improved.
Very likely the AH-C830W will be really good.
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I'm the only one
10k yen about 65 quid for the AH-C630W, not bad compared to Apples prices.
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they just added some extra bits to the driver's shell to make it "oval"... the diphragm is still circular. This is the strangest manager's "I did something" I've ever seen.
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