Wednesday, October 6th 2021

Corsair Shows Off Vengeance DDR5 Memory Module Design

Corsair on Wednesday tweeted the first picture of its production Vengeance DDR5 memory modules. The picture reveals a simple, minimalist design, with a sheet-metal heatspreader design with some printed graphic, and the new Vengeance logo. Unlike the Vengeance DDR4 generation, there don't appear to be false "finnage" toward the top of the module. Since DDR5 will be coexisting with DDR4 to at least the next couple of years as Intel is getting its motherboard partners to come out with a substantive lineup of LGA1700 motherboards with DDR4 memory slots, Corsair made sure to mention "DDR5" right on the module. Corsair also revealed that it is developing the first Dominator-branded DDR5 memory, which will possibly come out with the first Intel 12th Gen Core processors.
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5 Comments on Corsair Shows Off Vengeance DDR5 Memory Module Design

Very sleek and understated design. I like them; they'll tuck away nicely and suit many builds well.
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YES, bring it, but please make sure it doesn't cost us an arm, leg, kidney, 1st born and left testicle (or mammory gland), hehehehe :D
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While these look good, they are certainly easier to manufacture, consdering inside of ribbed metal, it's now flat with stuff printed on it...

I atleast expect better thermal pads or a higher quality material used for these heatspreaders.
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Solid State Soul ( SSS )I like it, minimalist yet elegant.

interested to see Gskill designs now!
More powerful unicorn puke and likely an obnoxious version too lol
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