Thursday, October 7th 2021

Gigabyte Previews New Aorus Gaming Chair

It would appear that Gigabyte's German Twitter account has gone rogue and posted pictures of a yet to be announced Aorus gaming chair from the company. Although it's not Gigabyte's first gaming chair, the new design is rather different from anything we've seen so far and it looks like it's extremely portable.

Not much information was provided, but we'd guess the new gaming chair is mainly designed for console gamers, based on the overall design. Gigabyte went for a simple two-tone black and white design and the seating area appears to be covered in velour. Two ports are provided for ease of assembly, but we find the lack of adjustments a bit troubling. No word on when Gigabyte's new gaming chair will be available, but we expect further information to be revealed in due time. The tagline for the new chair appears to be "Game like a pro, sit like a boss!"
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44 Comments on Gigabyte Previews New Aorus Gaming Chair

It's an inflatable chair.
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seriously? damn its damn ugly wondering who can buy a sh.... like that LOL
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I can see this being useful in a dorm, question is, will the price be cheap enough?
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I thought it must be April 1st for a minute there.
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its just about the epitome of the "Gaming" moniker if they put it on that
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Go home Gigabyte you are drunk...
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you can see 2 eyes and a mouth from the first pic..
the expression even says its not so sure about its existence
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natr0nIt's an inflatable chair.
When PU leather does not sweat enough, you buy this.

I suppose its great for gaming in the pool? Until you drop your device
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Up next - Aorus indoor inflatable pool with Aorus branded bikini and 50 L of Aorus SmoothGrind(TM) lube for Twitch streaming.
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If not for all those graphics, it might have been a nice product (if it's comfortable of coz :) ) - an inflatable armchair, that You can take everywhere and doesn't take much space in Your luggage.
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It's not yet April 1st....

So for how much do they go for? Can't be much more then 25 EUR?....
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Same garbage as their HW ...
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CandorI thought it must be April 1st for a minute there.
Get out of my head! I literally was like what the hell isn't it only October! Why the heck is there an April Fools' joke in the news feed?
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Ferrum Master
ChomiqUp next - Aorus indoor inflatable pool with Aorus branded bikini and 50 L of Aorus SmoothGrind(TM) lube for Twitch streaming.
You forgot the inflatable waifu.
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I have leaked 2022 model picture:

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Ferrum MasterYou forgot the inflatable waifu.
Gigabyte x Tenba
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This has a very low time-to-landfill.
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Will it explode like their PSU? I hope their engineers tested this thoroughly so that it won't blow when sitting on it for 5 mins.
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natr0nIt's an inflatable chair.
That's exactly what popped in my mind immediately when I saw the images. What a fugly looking POS.

I'd be scared to sit on it, thinking it would pop and deflate right under me.

I guess if Gigabyte can't put out good hardware, move on to ugly furniture and take the company in a new direction?
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you know its just joke/gag report, you're taking this seriously are you?
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I had to check my calendar, seems it's October 7th today, is that a joke day or something?
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