Friday, April 6th 2007

Hackers working on turning Apple TV into full-fledged PC

It's been two weeks since Apple released the Apple TV. Unfortunately, it's been getting a lot of criticism. It runs Mac OS X, yet it is very limited. The Inquirer boldly claims that the Apple TV is "limited and produces poor quality video content". A bunch of hackers seemed to think so, hence, they decided to fix Apple TV the only way they knew how; crack the thing like an egg. They first managed to install a full version of OS X, and then went on to figure out how to install a bigger hard drive, enable SSH/Apache (big for server people), start a remote desktop service, and plug in a full keyboard/mouse. The main reason that these guys are able to do so much is because the Apple TV is a lot more of a PC than Apple would like us to think. The hackers are busy working on more hacks, and their site gets over 500,000 hits a day.Source: The Inquirer
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5 Comments on Hackers working on turning Apple TV into full-fledged PC

Go hackers!
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Its more powerful than an Xbox, with some work it will make a really nice media center. Might even be able to play xbox games :roll:

I'll get one for cheap when the inevitable newer models come out and everyone forgets about Apple TV 1.0.
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I'd consider it over a macmini if they manage to get win2k3 running on it ;)
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Bird of Prey
Nice. Though, for a media box, its a little bit more "complex"
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