Friday, April 6th 2007

BitTorrent planning on launching ad-supported downloads

That is, on their legitimate movie and music delivery service, not the extremely-misused data transfer protocol. Some of you may have heard of a BitTorrent store. BitTorent has caught onto the idea that people are used to BitTorrent being associated with free content. And so, to keep themselves out of legal trouble while still offering free movies/music, the legal version of BitTorrent will support an advertising plan similar to YouTube's. BitTorrent will post the free content as soon as it's done testing their advertising scheme, which is done with the help of YuMe networks.Source: Nordic Hardware
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This sounds good :D
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i dont understand, where would the Ad be placed?? i know that trackers has been putting in their Ad within the torrent...
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You probably have to view an ad to actually download the torrent file.
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:laugh: We have loads of other sites for torrents, so Bittorent can take some rest :p
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Bird of Prey
Piratebay is full of bloatware, adware files and viruses. Though, it has tons of legitimate files. bunch of leechers there though. I dont understand how ads can make downloading, say, The Reaping, legit. Unless they plan on giving them most of the revenue from the ads.
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