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Real Reason Vista SP1 Delayed: Very Little Compatibility With Third-Party Apps

It turns out that stability isn't the only problem Vista SP1 has with the world. There are plenty of products that simply won't work with Service Pack 1. Now wait a minute, you might ask. This has been going on since every operating system update from the beginning of computers, what makes this one so special? When the products are from big shots like Trend Micro, Zonelabs, BitDefender, and Novell, Microsoft is more than willing to consider delaying Vista SP1 to make sure that everything will work properly. While some products are fortunate, and merely have a couple glitches, the majority of the programs listed on Microsoft's great list of incompatibility won't even start properly. The main cause of this could be anything from coding differences in the kernel to being flat out blocked. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix this by the time SP1 is released.

2K Games Licenses Unreal Engine 3 for New Games

In a rather vague press release, 2K Games officially licensed Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 to use in making an unknown number of undisclosed games. One of these games is very likely to be the BioShock sequel, whatever it may be. Unfortunately, at this point, it seems as if BioShock sequels will only come out once very two years (or that's what the author feels, at this point), and Ken Levine (the main writer for the original BioShock) will not be part of a BioShock sequel. Hopefully, the new titles 2K is developing will not run into the problems that developer Silicon Knights is having. Silicon is having so much trouble getting Unreal Engine 3 to work that they've sued Epic Games.

Sony to Split PlayStation3 Into Several SKUs

Sony to Split PlayStation 3 Into Several SKUs

While Sony has all but confirmed that they are killing off the 80GB PlayStation3, there has been little news as far as what will be replacing it. Fortunately for the consumer, rumor has it that Sony has a plethora of options as far as what to replace the 80GB PlayStation3 with. Unfortunately for the consumer, nothing is final yet, as far as what Sony will be replacing the 80GB PS3 with. Sony does, however, acknowledge that 2 PS3 models is not enough. Hence, we are likely to see two or three new PlayStation3 models when the 80GB model is officially dumped. However, knowing Sony, the only thing separating SKUs might be something as simple as colors.

Microsoft Will Not Release Vista SP1 Until March

While Microsoft was getting very excited at the prospect of having a product ready to deliver, some people from QA had other thoughts. Apparently, Vista SP1 is not ready for prime time, and Microsoft does not think it will be ready until roughly March. Ironically, the thing that made QA think twice about unleashing Vista SP1 was a report declaring that Vista might have quite a few driver incompatibilities with current machines. And so, instead of finding themselves in the contempt of hundreds of thousands of gamers, hardware enthusiasts, and system integrators everywhere, Microsoft is working hard to make Vista SP1 a very competent product.

Microsoft Surface Technology Release Timeline Updated, Accelerated

Some of you may have heard of Microsoft's Surface technology, which is basically a beautiful and masterful 3D interface built for tabletops. A more informative (and slightly comedic) introduction can be found here. Basically, Steve Balmer took a look at this in-development technology, saw a huge consumer response to it, and decided it was high-time to accelerate development and production. Hence, instead of waiting until 2011 for this thing to come out, we may be seeing it much sooner. Exactly how soon is not known at this point, but it will definitely be sooner. The business version of this technology will be unleashed sometime this Spring, if all goes well.

AMD Will Not Release R700 Micro-Architecture Until 2009

AMD recently unveiled plans to put out R680, RV635 and RV620 chips, which would power high-end, mid-range and budget cards, respectively. While this is all well and good, AMD said that the anticipated R700 series of graphics chips would not be put out until at least 2009. This decision will hopefully give AMD a chance to return to profitability. The long wait for a new graphics family will also give AMD more time to ensure that they're putting out a high-quality product that will dominate the market. During the event that this was discovered at, AMD also put out some details of the upcoming Leo platform. For more about the Leo platform, please check the source link.

AMD to Bring Back K8 Architecture

AMD feels that the K8 architecture still has a little life in it. While Intel is working hard on 45-nm and Quad Core platforms that will cost quite a pretty penny, AMD is working on cost-effective and energy efficient solutions for the dudes that don't need or can't afford 1.21 gigawatts of processing power. To create said solutions, AMD is going to revert to an old favorite: the tried-and-true K8 architecture. After putting the K8 series through a die shrink, AMD plans to bring 11 65nm K8 CPUs to market, under the code-name Brisbane. The new 65nm variants of the K8 architecture will more likely than not require very little power to run, and will even more likely be clocked at high speeds. AMD is putting a large focus on energy efficiency, as the majority of current confirmed CPU models are flagged "Energy Efficient". All of the new 65nm K8 chips will be socket AM2, and will work in an AM2+ motherboard.

Microsoft Prepares Office 2007 SP1 For December 11th Release

While Microsoft is working very hard to make a good service pack for Windows Vista, it's not the only thing they're working on. Microsoft is reportedly working hard on Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2007. Due for release on this month's "Patch Tuesday", or December 11th, the service pack was created mainly based on consumer feedback. While Microsoft is mostly very "tight-lipped" about what exactly is going to be in the service pack, there are a couple confirmed features:
  • Improved support for VSTO v3
  • Better Object Model documentation for coding
  • Improved support for .NET v3.5
  • PowerPoint animated text has been upgraded
  • Compatibility issues with previous Office file formats have been corrected
  • Changes have been made to DirectX video overlay

New Controller Interfaces With Your Brain

While new joysticks and racing wheels attempt to make you feel like you're actually in a helicopter or race car, we have yet to see a control interface that properly emulates something fanatical, like a wand for Harry Potter games, or a goat for World of Warcraft. Emotiv Systems is working on a controller that can fill in the blanks, by connecting right to your brain. In the Electronic Arts game Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, prototypes of this controller have already been used to trigger spells and move the character, based on nothing more than the thoughts of the user. With a lot of help from James Breen, who used to work for EA and Lucas Arts, the Emotiv Systems controller will find a way to retail shelves by late 2008.

Microsoft to Revise WGA in Windows Vista SP1

It's no secret that the Windows Genuine Advantage software, which is designed to protect legitimate users and stop piracy, does quite a lot of flagging and hindering legitimate users. While piracy of Windows Vista happens about half as often as piracy of Windows XP, you hear a lot more about Windows Vista WGA hacks that extend the grace period by several days/years. And so, Microsoft is going to change WGA so that there is less unjust flagging of legitimate users, and more pirate-catching. The new WGA will first fix the aforementioned grace period hack. Please click "Read full story" to see the exact methodology behind the fix. Another main thing that Microsoft aims to do is eliminate the Vista OEM hack, which tricks Windows into thinking it is being installed on a legitimate OEM system.

Vista SP1 Release Candidate 1 Expected Next Week, Public Beta Week After

Windows Vista SP1 (Service Pack 1) has several nifty new features, and a few performance tweaks. Anyone hoping to get their hands on said features and performance tweaks will be able to do that in a week or two. Next week, select beta testers (most likely the same ones that got a copy of Vista SP1 Beta code) will be able to play with Vista SP1 RC1. In the second week of December, Microsoft is most likely going to start a public beta program, much like the public beta program that Vista originally had. The current build is 17051, and Microsoft hopes to have a final Vista SP1 build out by early 2008.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R to Arrive on Xbox360 Soon; Sequel 'Clear Sky' In Development

S.T.A.L.K.E.R to Arrive on Xbox 360 Soon; Sequel 'Clear Sky' In Development

This year's 'most delayed game', S.T.A.L.K.E.R., is rumored to be making it's way over to the Xbox 360 console. GSC Gameworld, who created S.T.A.L.K.E.R, finally were able to attain a license from Microsoft to create Xbox 360 games. Instead of a pure re-coding, S.T.A.L.K.E.R on the Xbox 360 will most likely be a port. However, the license GSC Gameworld has allows them to make more than just one Xbox 360 game. When announcing the license, GSC Gameworld also hinted at a prequel-sequel, code-named "Clear Sky". You can expect to see more of Clear Sky next year, and expect to see it on the Xbox 360 around 2010.

Eidos Announces Deus Ex 3

Eidos Interactive, known for such classic games as Tomb Raider, Hitman, Lego Star Wars, and the Deus Ex series, recently announced that they plan on adding a new member to the Deus Ex family: Deus Ex 3. The Deus Ex series, for those of us who have not heard of it before, pioneers mixing elements of a first-person-shooter with a role-playing game. Similar to the 2K Games hit BioShock, you can manipulate the behavior of the character and plot of the game by making ground-shaking choices at critical points in the game. You can check out for a Deus Ex 3 teaser trailer.

HKEPC Claims Honor of First HD 3600 Series Picture

Nothing confirms a graphics card's existence quite like pictures. HKEPC, along with some confirmed facts as to what we can expect to see from and when we can expect to see an HD 3600, published the first HD 3600 picture. Here are the confirmed facts:
  • The RV635 will be a 55nm part.
  • The RV635 will run DirectX10.1, have Shader Model 4.1, and be fully compatible with PCI Express 2.0.
  • The RV635 will have 24 Stream Processors, 120 Stream Processing Units (ALU), 16 Texture Address Units, eight Texture Filter Units and four ROPs.
  • The RV635 will be paired with an unknown quantity of 128-bit GDDR2/3/4 VRAM.
  • The RV635 will be split into two groups, the XT and PRO. The RV635XT will be dubbed the HD 3670, and will be clocked at 800/1600 core/memory, respectively. The RV635PRO will be dubbed the HD3650, and clocked at 650/1000 core/memory, respectively.
  • The RV635 will begin mass-production in mid-December, and begin shipping in January.

RV635 Confirmed; More Details Surface

When AMD released the HD 3800 series of graphics cards, most people were expecting some lower end parts for those who could not afford the $170-$230 it would cost to get an HD 3800 on Newegg. AMD's response to this is the RV635 and RV620. As stated previously there will be an RV635 XT and an RV635 PRO. The RV635 XT will be officially named the HD 3670, and the RV635 PRO will be officially named the HD 3650. Much like the current HD 2600 series, the HD 3600 series will have 24 stream processors, 120 stream processing units, 16 Texture Address Units, 8 Texture Filter Units, 4 ROPs and a 128-bit memory interface. The current revision, A11, shows that the HD 3670 will run at clocks of 800MHz core and 1.6GHz memory. The HD 3650 will have core/memory clocks of 600/1000MHz, respectively. You can expect these cards to be sampled in December, and released in January, or early February at the latest. The main thing separating the HD 3600 series from the HD 2600 series is CrossFire X support, as well as all the main perks of an HD 3800: Avivo HD, DirectX10.1, UVD, and ATI PowerPlay.

NVIDIA 8800 GX2 to Re-try Quad SLI?

When NVIDIA Released the GeForce 7950GX2, it was snatched up by hardware enthusiasts hoping to get their hands on the first quad-GPU solution ever. The result was buggy, glitched, and not too much better than a dual card solution. However, times have changed, and technology has improved. NVIDIA is touting Triple SLI, while AMD's Crossfire X allows for four independent graphics cards to run in one system. To counter the upcoming AMD HD 3870X2, NVIDIA may be working on re-visiting Quad SLI the same way they did last time: by sandwiching two PCBs into one physical card, eliminating the possibility of replacing stock cooling.

'Radeon HD 3600' Details Leaked

While the current RV670 chips are selling like hotcakes, AMD is working on putting out mid-range and low-end parts for those market segments. The successor to the HD 2600 series, according to graphics card manufacturers, will be called the HD 3600 series (big surprise). The 3600 series will come in two versions, an XT model and a Pro model. The XT will be clocked at 800MHz, and the Pro will be clocked at 600MHz. Both will be attached to 128-bit VRAM, which will run at an unknown clock speed. The Pro will have GDDR2, while the XT will have GDDR3. Both will support DirectX10.1, and the micro-architecture itself is codenamed "RV635". The RV635 should be launched with the RV620, the successor to the HD 2400 series. The RV620 should be dubbed the HD 3400 series.

High Quality YouTube Videos Coming

Anyone who has ever uploaded a video to YouTube, or watched a video on YouTube, knows that the quality isn't exactly something to write home about. To keep bandwidth costs and service speed up, YouTube administrators have, up until recently, limited uploaders to 100MB file size, and cropped all files to the paltry 320x240 resolution. YouTube already announced plans to increase the storage space, and now they are planning on doing something about the resolution. All files uploaded to YouTube are of a much higher quality, and some are even high-definition (1280x720 or better). YouTube representatives recently confirmed that YouTube does store the original versions, and only makes the compressed/shrunken version available to the average viewer. YouTube is currently testing a new version of the YouTube player, which determines your bandwidth, and adjusts your video quality accordingly. If all goes well, you can expect high-definition YouTube videos within three months.

AMD 'Quite Pleased' With Progress of R680

The dual-RV670 GPU graphics card coming from AMD/ATI within the next few months is coming along very well. It's slated for a release in early January/February, and will not be any bigger than the current RV670. Instead, to fit the additional GPU, it will be longer. The R680, thanks to a dual-slot cooling solution, will sport massive stock clocks (800MHz!). We'll keep you posted as more R680 rumors arise.

Mozilla Still Perplexed as to Why Firefox Takes So Much RAM

Anyone who uses Mozilla Firefox in a Windows environment knows that Firefox can use a lot of memory. Now that Mozilla is getting a lot of requests to make a mobile version, they are working very hard to make a version that won't eat all of the mobile phone's memory. Christopher Blizzard, a member of Mozilla's development board, had this to say about Firefox's alleged memory issues.
As Mozilla starts down the path to running in the mobile space we are spending time looking at memory pressure issues more closely. . . (I)t sounds like the early data suggests that Mozilla really doesn't leak that much memory at all. But it does thrash the allocator pretty hard and that's what causes the perception of memory leaks.

Starcraft 2 to Possibly Arrive Ahead of Schedule

The Vice President of Blizzard, the esteemed creator of such popular games as World of Warcraft and Starcraft, recently divulged some information about Starcraft 2. The already famous sequel to Starcraft has already seen a multiplayer beta at BlizzCon, and has supposedly been in development since Summer 2003. The Vice President divulged in a forum post that Blizzard was putting plenty of focus on the development of Starcraft 2. Considering how long the game has been in development, as well as the amount of attention Starcraft 2 is receiving inside Blizzard, public betas and demos for Starcraft 2 may be "just around the bend".

Fresh Internet Explorer Test Build to be Released in December

In April 2006, Microsoft made some changes to how Internet Explorer interacted with ActiveX controls, and ActiveX controls on web pages had a "click to activate" prompt. After hearing from the users that this was extremely annoying, Microsoft decided it was for the better if they licensed and developed technology to eliminate that prompt, and to auto-run all ActiveX controls. Since these changes only affect the browser, web developers with ActiveX controls will have to do virtually nothing for the ActiveX prompts to disappear. The new build of Internet Explorer, without annoying ActiveX prompts, will become available in April 2008, and will be packaged with Vista SP1 and XP SP3. Anyone hoping to try beta forms of this new IE build will get that opportunity in December 2007.

Nintendo Confirms Wii Will Eventually Have DVD Support

Nintendo, at this point, does not have any console that can play a DVD movie, which just about every other current-generation console can do. Nintendo did plan to add a DVD player to the Wii earlier, however, they wanted to make sure they would have enough stock for the holiday rush. Nintendo also discovered that DVD software licensing fees were a lot higher than expected. Nintendo fans everywhere should be able to enjoy a Nintendo Wii with DVD playback sometime next year.

AMD AM3 Motherboard Reference Design Leaked

AM3, the official socket successor to AM2(+), will give AMD users access to DDR3 RAM, 45nm AM3 processors, and all sorts of other goodies. It should come around sometime in 2008, with true AM3 processors coming in the second half of next year. This chart should explain a lot of questions you may have about the AMD platform. And without further ado, enjoy.
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