Monday, December 13th 2021

DeepCool Launches PQ-M Series Power Supplies

DeepCool, a global brand and manufacturer of computer hardware and peripherals for enthusiasts, today announced the launch of a new generation of power supplies committed to high quality standards, the PQ-M series. Certified 80 PLUS Gold for high power efficiency with fully modular cabling, the PQ-M series is available in 650 W, 750 W, 850 W, and 1000 W capacities. Featuring quality construction throughout, the included 120 mm fluid dynamic bearing fan offers quiet sophistication with an intelligent fan curve and additional hybrid silent mode.

Certified with an 80 PLUS Gold rating, the PQ-M series offers up to 90% power efficiency under typical system loads with all Japanese electrolytic capacitors to provide pristine power output quality while reducing overall heat waste and operational noise. Built solid from inside out, the circuit platform is hard connected to the modular board for added rigidity and reduced signal noise. The fully modular cabling allows only the necessary system cables are utilized for simpler cable management.
A fine-tuned 120 mm FDB fan utilizes an optimized intelligent fan curve to help produce a perfect balance between performance cooling and quiet operation, with an additional hybrid silent fan setting during low temperature conditions. A simple control button also gives the option for turning off the silent fan mode and sets a minimum fan speed when the fanless mode is not preferred.

Trusted with a 10-year warranty and fortified with power protection specifications for long term reliability, the PQ-M series is a commitment from DeepCool to provide consistent quality power.

Availability and Pricing
Available from Dec. 2021.

UPDATE: DeepCool has provided updated Euro pricing for the various models:
  • PQ650M - €99.99
  • PQ750M - €109.99
  • PQ850M - €129.99
  • PQ1000M - €159.99
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9 Comments on DeepCool Launches PQ-M Series Power Supplies

120e for 650w with gold, laughed good.
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If the marketing is to be believed those look like pretty good PSUs; on the other hand the prices look really high, am i wrong?
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@crmaris any idea what platform/OEM we are looking at there? i see a nice Rubycon and some Nichicons...

Edit: Looks like Seasonic Focus with that Hybrid button
Posted on Reply
There are many reviewed quality alternatives for a similar or better price on each rated wattage.
Posted on Reply
Nice 650W Gold starts from 50-100 euro
Posted on Reply
Hugis@crmaris any idea what platform/OEM we are looking at there? i see a nice Rubycon and some Nichicons...

Edit: Looks like Seasonic Focus with that Hybrid button
Seasoniic Focus platform.
Posted on Reply
crmarisSeasoniic Focus platform.
Cheers o wise one :)
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GamerNexux just review a Asus 625$ PSU build by Seasonic and have the same layout only with diferent colors, rated to God Plus but pass with good margin there own testing to be Platinium, they even bring the same tie cables
Posted on Reply
Nice that it's actually a good quality platform, that fan grill gives it a hella cheap impression.
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May 28th, 2022 01:45 EDT change timezone

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