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Graphics Card Street Prices Drop By a Tenth in February 2022

Prices of graphics cards on eBay (where you're most likely to find them), dropped by 10% on average, according to prices tracked and aggregated by Tom's hardware. This still means overpriced high-end graphics cards, but price adjustments in the mid-range and performance-segment bring some respite to gamers. In the high-end, you'll now find the GeForce RTX 3090 go down from roughly $2,609 to $2,341. The RTX 3080 Ti, which almost as fast at gaming, can be had for $1,721, compared to $1,874 earlier. The popular RTX 3080 (10 GB original) sees its price slip from $1,613 to $1,440.

Prices of AMD Radeon RX 6000 series RDNA2 graphics cards are relatively lower, even though they perform in the same league. The RX 6900 XT can be had for as low as $1,421, which is lower than even the RTX 3080 (significantly slower). The RTX 6800 XT is a revelation here, with February prices seeing it average $1,176. This card more than trades blows with the RTX 3080. Over in the performance segment, we see The RTX 3060 (12 GB) average $850 compared to $930 earlier; while the RX 6600 XT does $570 compared to $610 earlier (similar performance). It must be noted here that there are far fewer Radeon RX 6000 series cards than GeForce RTX 30-series, in circulation. With the chip-supply crisis showing no signs of going away in 2022, MSRP will continue to elude gamers.
Source: Tom's Hardware
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Oh wow, a whole tenth.
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5 percent drop on most AMD cards today in Canada. Also the 6800 XT is now regularly sold for under $1000 USD used. It's dropping really fast in the last week.
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Fingers crossed this continues. My preferred etailer here in Sweden has had plentiful GPU stock across pretty much the entire range for a few weeks now, which is great to see. Prices are still far too high though. The best "value" I can find is an RX 6600 at 5000SEK ($521) including 25% VAT (so ~$416 without). (Quick rule of thumb for the rest of these: divide prices by 12 for USD equivalent without VAT.) That's ... still $150-200 more than that GPU ought to cost. But at least it's better value than RTX 3050s, which start at 4800SEK and are much slower. RX 6500 XTs start at 3000SEK, 2060 6GB at 5200, 2060 12GB at 5900, 6600 XT at 6300, RTX 3060 at 6800, etc. 3080 is slightly more expensive than RX 6800 (13000 vs. 12500), but 6800 XT is only in stock in the ROG Strix Gaming LC 240mm rad version, so that's particularly poor value at 15000. Plenty of 3060 Tis, 3070s, 3070 Tis and 6700 XTs in stock (7900, 10500, 10500(!) and 9500 respectively - that the 3070 and 3070 Ti start at the same price is weird). Plenty of 3080 Tis, 3090s and 6900 XTs in stock too.

If you've got money, there are GPUs to be had, but considering that the RTX 3060 is essentially the same price I paid for my flagship-tier Fury X seven years ago, pricing is still downright depressing.
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I feel this might be short lived since bitcoin is on the rise again.
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I just sold my 5700XT for $600 and my Asus system pull RTX 3080 for $1100. Should have asked for about 20% more I suppose. They lasted less than 8 hours up, dozen offers, got cash from the same guy, local.
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Great, maybe we'll see MSRP by the end of the year at this rate.
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Yeah now i can buy a GTX 1660 for 330€ :roll:
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ZareekGreat, maybe we'll see MSRP by the end of the year at this rate.
Just in time for the next gen to release LOL and prices to go back up!
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Don't buy anything, "the bug" is almost over, europe is engaged in a long military and economic war with Russia, price for oil and gas will reach astronomical prices, nobody will give a shi...t about GPU's, even at MSRP.
Crypto is working now because Russia is in trouble and deals in crypto but not for long, at some point US will ruin bitcoin if it seems to help Russia too much.
Only people making money should buy gpu's, video editors, graphic designer's, miners??? :laugh: but i don't know how much money they do these days.
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