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Bethesda Launches Steam Game Migration Tool

Bethesda announced earlier this year that they would be shutting down their launcher and moving all games to Steam. Bethesda has now enabled the functionality to transfer any games owned on a account to a Steam account using the new Transfer Page. The migration process will include all games and DLC in addition to cloud saves, and any virtual wallet currency. The launcher will be retired on May 11th with game launching no longer available from that date.

You can transfer your game library to Steam here.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I play my games?
A: We encourage our Launcher community to continue their experience on Steam. April 27, you will be able to migrate your library to your Steam account. Any title you own on the Launcher will be available to you free on Steam. Your purchases will carry over to your Steam account. Many game saves will also transfer, however some may require manual copying. For more information on which games will require you to manually move your saves, please see our FAQ Entry "What happens to my game progression and saves?".

Q: What will happen to the launcher?
A: You will continue to have access to the Launcher and access your games until May 11. Starting on May 11, you will no longer be able to play and access your games within the Launcher.

Q: Will I still need a account if I no longer use the launcher after transferring to Steam?
A: Yes. Many of our games and services still rely on you to have a account. This will allow you to retain access to services including game mods, in-game items like skins, and access to exclusive news and updates.

Q: Will I have access to the games I own on the launcher available to me on Steam?
A: Yes. You will need to take the steps to transfer your account info to your Steam account. Once the migration process to Steam is available, we will let everyone know and update this FAQ with the link on where and how to migrate. Please note, that you may begin this process at any time after it becomes available, but inon May 11 you will no longer be able to play your purchased games on the launcher. You will not lose access to your Library on on May 11, only the ability to play them on the Launcher.

Q: What happens to my game progression and saves?
A: Should you choose to transfer your library to your Steam account, you may find specific instructions on how to transfer your game progression and saves here. Some saves will automatically transfer, however some will require you to manually copy them to your Steam folder. At this time, we expect almost all save progress to be transferable automatically or manually with the exception of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which currently is unable to transfer and DOOM Eternal which requires additional steps to transfer. You may find updated instructions specifically for DOOM Eternal here.
Virtual currency balances and game add-ons such as DLC and in-game skins will automatically transfer.

Q: Will my in-game virtual currency (Fallout 76 Atoms, Rage Tokens, Rage Coins, Wolfenstein: Youngblood Gold) be moved to Steam?
A: Yes. Your Wallet will transfer over to Steam once you have completed the transfer process.

Q: Can I migrate to PlayStation or Xbox instead of Steam?
A: No. We are only able to support transferring your account information on PC. We cannot transfer PC account information to consoles.

Q: May I migrate my account to another PC service instead of Steam?
A: No. We are only able to support transferring account information from the launcher to Steam.

Q: Does the Launcher closing affect my account?
A: No. You will still need to login to your account to play our live titles such as Fallout 76 and access other services offered. Our games will continue to use a account in the future.

Q: What about Fallout 76?
A: We have updated our FAQ for Fallout 76 to provide further details.

Q: Are all the same languages supported?
A: Yes.

Q: Will friends lists be merged? Will I need to re-friend friends I added on
A: Games that have the Friends List will be merged after migration. This includes Fallout 76, DOOM Eternal, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Rage 2, and DEATHLOOP.

Q: Will the Launcher sunset affect my ability to play The Elder Scrolls Online on PC?
A: No. The Elder Scrolls Online is unaffected by this change.

Q: What if I don't complete the migration within given time? Will my games disappear forever?
A: No. You will still retain access to your games and be able to migrate your Library after the Launcher becomes inactive.

Q: What happens to my game code if I don't redeem it before the deadline?
A: keycodes will be honored on Steam when migration becomes available.

Q: What if the game I own on the Launcher is not available on Steam?
A: With the sunsetting of the Launcher, we will be making several of our titles available on Steam that were previously unavailable. This includes The Elder Scrolls Arena, The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall, Creation Kit for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The Fallout 76 Public Test Server (PTS) is currently available on Steam as well.

Q: If I already own a game on Steam and, how do I get the extra copy?
A: You will need to setup a separate Steam account for each account that you have, and then link each account to a separate Steam account. This will allow you to migrate your multiple accounts to different Steam accounts. Then, login to each of your accounts in turn and go through the migration process. Please note: Promotional PC copies of Fallout 76, Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout: Tactics that were previously granted to Steam cannot be migrated to another account.

Q: What can I do if I accidentally linked the wrong account?
A: Prior to migrating, you will be able to Unlink your Steam account from your account a limited number of times, so that you can re-link to the correct one. Our Support team will not be able to assist you if you linked the wrong account once the transfer has occurred.

Q: Will I need to redownload and install my game(s) through Steam?
A: Yes. If you do not currently have the game you are trying to run installed through Steam, you will need to download the latest version of the game before you can continue playing.

Q: What Steam account is attached to my BNET Account?
A: The Steam account BNET account is linked to is listed on the Transfer Games page, and also on the linked account page on the website.

Q: Will still sell products through the website?
A: No, we have ceased sales of our products on the website. Please note, this does not include the official Bethesda Merchandise Store.

Q: How will I access my soundtracks?
A: Soundtracks will continue to be accessible in your account on To find them, navigate to Transaction History and Product Codes.

Q: Will this affect Slayers Club?
A: No.

Q: Is there a way I can still use my Username/Nickname?
A: You can enter your Username/Nickname as your Steam profile name if you choose to do so.
Source: Bethesda
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17 Comments on Bethesda Launches Steam Game Migration Tool

I'm the only one
Account linking failed. Please retry or contact Customer Support for assistance. well done there.
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Moved my games over. Thanks, Bethesda, and good riddance with your launcher.

I suppose every developer that wanted their platform to be the next Steam, realized, that gamers don't want 20 different launchers to play a game. Now for others to follow. NEXT!
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TiggerAccount linking failed. Please retry or contact Customer Support for assistance. well done there.
Did you really expect it to work?

Now only if UBIsoft follows the suit...
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DeathtoGnomesDid you really expect it to work?

Now only if UBIsoft follows the suit...
Yes, I hope Ubisoft is up next.
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Worked for me just fine, moved over my DOOM Eternal.
I had my Steam acc linked to my Bethesda acc beforehand, idk if that helped.
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Worked fine for me too....DOOM Eternal & Fallout 76 - smooth transition
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~Technological Technocrat~
Legacy-ZAI suppose every developer that wanted their platform to be the next Steam, realized, that gamers don't want 20 different launchers to play a game. Now for others to follow. NEXT!
Its the same thing with streaming services tbh.... When you have 5-10+ different streaming services. People are going to pick the one with the most content or the content they are interested in and stick with it while cancelling or ignoring others. Unless they can add a cheaper pay per view feature that allows customers to only have access to certain shows they are interested in rather than the thousands of others they arent interested in.

A lot of these publishers pulled their games off steam and tried to reinvent the wheel with their own platform/launcher but didnt put in the time & effort to really make it into a good experience which rivalled steam. But then again, I guess nothing matters so long as steam isnt getting their 30% cut off all your hard work (which is rather ironic term with most publishers/developers these days as a lot of their games are just clones of the previous games like CoD, FIFA or whatever ubisoft puts out these days)
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Uplay is a decent platform, it's more likely that EA would shut down Origin, which is trash, especially if their new platform falls flat.
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I'm the only one
Only ones i have now are steam and ubisoft connect as farcry on steam needs it.
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worked just fine for me too. if you just wait for a couple of hours to pass, allowing all early adopters to bring the system down there's no problem, nop reason to rush anyway.
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TiggerAccount linking failed. Please retry or contact Customer Support for assistance. well done there.
I had no issues here. Took like 1-2 minutes and my games were MOSTLY ported. For some reason Quake 3 didn't move to Steam. But whatever, i won't be missing this crap launcher anyway. I hope Rockstar Social Club and Launcher both also get the axe.
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TiggerAccount linking failed. Please retry or contact Customer Support for assistance. well done there.
Some things never change - Morpheus
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the migration is up since 27, i migrated my games yesterday :laugh:

also as i mentioned in the "what are you playing" thread: the platform switch finally enabled me to redeem my Doom Eternal key that did not want to work on BethLauncher or website (no ... it was not a STEAM key since it did not work on it either :laugh: ) out of 3 games i had for it 1 was Rage 2 no issues second was Fo76 which i had 2 keys that did not work until i emailed their support (and since i had no mean to check what key they activated i have one or the other as extra key sitting around, i hope i can check the key on STEAM :D ) and Doom Eternal which did same as Fo76 but since i learned something with Fo76 activation misadventure, when i saw the migration my brain switched in "ouuuh, maybe the key will work after the 26th apr." glad it did turn true :D
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Good riddance, one less data mining adware to deal with. To be fair, the launcher was only needed for installation and updating, you could just run the .exe directly and completely avoid this chromium wrapper stupidity, saving a lot of time in the process - at least that's how it worked with Fallout 76. It's not as easy with Steam. For me the migration worked with no problems and took less than a minute during the daily F76 server downtime, although I only had Fallout 76 there. Mods from Nexusmods work fine.
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Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft, in that order.

Origin is the worse, my goodness. I hate it, but i have no choice to use it because of certain games i own including BF Hardline which is my favorite BF Game.
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robot zombie
The best part about this is that the old launcher was the only place to get the CK for making mods for Skyrim and FO4. No worries though! New update on Steam with 3 minor fixes that... breaks the biggest patch mod for it... the one that was making the biggest modder titles being made for Skyrim possible at all... projects years in the works that would be stalled until someone came along to patch it, should they happen to take the update for any reason. Just one update away from being screwed, but what else is new with this company? :laugh:

I'm talkin like... a project like Skywind or Skyblivion cannot be worked on with the Steam version lol. I hope they all have the relevant files backed up. SSE CreationKit Fixes honestly has but a small handful of vital fixes and improvements that the high-level stuff absolutely requires to be made and maintained in CK. Bethesda could've worked them in a long time ago, but of course they just drop the weakest, leanest possible update that cancels all of them out instead. It's just so "them."

Nukem, the creator, isn't supporting the mod anymore. It's been forever since it needed an update, his last updates were improvements to his mod, not tandem steps. The community will undoubtedly pick up the gauntlet. But goddamn it if Bethesda isn't bent on stumbling its way into strangling the goodwill of the community that is the reason for half of their success at every minor turn. It's like death by a thousand needles with them. I swear they want to cull modding down into a little box they can manage from within their empire. In which case they would also recognize that if they do that too fast, the backlash will utterly decimate support for their titles. Now, if that's not the case, they need to switch something up, because it really does look that way from time to time. But, really I'm almost betting when the new titles come out, they will not be as moddable as the ones on their current respective engines are. I wouldn't be overly shocked by that. Understand, I think they'd still try to sell them as mod-friendly games. And in some sense, I'm sure they will be. The question is really "To what degree?" Look at the care and interest levels they have for it in the present. They're like an absent father that shows up once a year to prod you with a taser before leaving for another year. Every time they come around, it is counterproductive to modding, unless it's making them money... in which case it's merely counterproductive to *most* modding. What does that say?

I swear to god, sometimes I think it's a targeted attrition via poorly kept administration. I.E.: the "rot it out" strategy. Who makes the call to add these stupid little changes with zero consideration for the very people who need the tools? It didn't help the users - it actually hurt them, and they're the only ones ever using it. Why do that? It's not for the new AE. I mean, these two CK versions are literally identical under the hood, save for 3 damned changes. SE and AE are the same game, one just has extra content... "house-made" mods. The thing that breaks old mods on AE isn't related to the Creation Kit in any meaningful way. The CK version we had worked with both, and modders do use it in bringing SE mods into AE. CK deals with what's under the hood, where they are basically identical (because AE was a fat nothin as a release,) just like the CK update. It feels like we have a corrupt politician on our backs here, shuffling little things around to covertly mess with modders. We got a shadow downgrade disguised as an upgrade. Did they just use the launcher migration to slip some poison in the well? People say never presume corruption where you can find incompetence, but Bethesda is suspiciously incompetent on just... so many things. I can't help myself here. :laugh:

Here we go, the big update that was SO important:

1. You can have zero-weight arrows.
2. 1 memory leak fix. (sounds impressive... for them, but isn't adding any functionality not previously available in reality)
3. You can change the unequip sound for weapon forms.

Otherwise, exact same (cr)app.

Like... man, it just doesn't work half the time without that mod! That one's in that small list of absolute basic essentials... a bedrock mod for modding itself. The memory fixes in that patch alone are a clincher for some tasks, it's so serious haha. It's a bigger deal than the bug fixes for the games themselves are. More like not having script extensions to support expanded mod functionality for those games. Those lift performance bottlenecks, too. It's just kind of a thing with everything they code. The CK is kind of a half-working POS on its own. It has bugs that create bugs in the things you work on. I feel so bad for their devs. But I still can't believe they would just blindly do this with no new games on the table at the moment. All they have is their new Skyrim re-release, which probably benefits from the support modding brings. I almost think they couldn't sell it so well today if not for the mods available. It's like deliberately tossing legos out in front of yourself while dancing around in thin socks with your eyes closed. They mortally wounded one of the most vital modding resources for anyone getting into serious mod making now and I wonder if they can even see that.

It's crazy to me. When it rains, it pours for them. They can't just lose out on one side of a release. By that, I mean, if you take a lay of the land, tons of people backed out just because AE doesn't support a lot of SE mods out of the gate, because those mods rely on frameworks that also need to be updated for the game exe's memory junk, along with all of those mods making use of those frameworks. We're talking countless hundreds and thousands. And then they indirectly cut down the tools to bring those *deep* and oft-beloved mods into AE, the thing some people unfortunately chose to buy as an upgrade. Really, it is expansion level modding that is most hurt by the loss in CK functionality brought on by this. But for the very same reason, many of the other deeper mods for SE cannot reasonably be ported into AE with the updated CK now available on Steam. You'd need the previous, and now, not officially available version to even attempt it. I have no words.

Basically what Nukem did for the community was allow people to mod their modding tools so they could mod their mods IN their mods. Bethesda killed Xzibit. No more Pimp My Modz. The community will resurrect it, files resurface out of sheer demand when it comes to stuff like this. But every time this happens it's like another brick in the wall. You can expect the mod to get updated at some point, but it's a question of "When?" Think of it like a soft barrier to modding. You can still do it, but you now need that much more determination to get it going right, for the umpteenth time.
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