Wednesday, April 18th 2007

EA Forms Jet Black Games Console Subdivision

A group of Electronic Arts Canada executives have formed their own video game company focused on creating and porting games to the Nintendo Wii and DS. Jet Black Games will focus on creating Nintendo friendly versions of games and is partnering up with Flashman Studios to create content. Electronic Arts has been a bit slow with the Wii and only has six games for the console. Jet Black executives did not specify any initial games or release dates.Source: TG Daily
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5 Comments on EA Forms Jet Black Games Console Subdivision

My stars went supernova
Joshmcmillan said:
I wonder what there porting from?
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DaMulta said:
they wont be porting from the gamecube since it is nolonger developed for, my guess is they will be porting from the xbox since both console use the same graphics vendor and both code games in a similar fashion to pc games.
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lol, Wii can play gamecube anyway so why would they port from it?
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Bird of Prey
or from the Xbox 360 and the PS3.
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