Thursday, April 19th 2007

Patriot Memory Unveils New DDR2-1150MHz Memory Modules

Patriot Memory, today unveiled the latest in their Extreme Performance line of gaming modules: a PC2-9200 dual channel kit. Engineered with the gamer and overclocker in mind, the new 1150MHz modules offer a cost-effective solution and unprecedented speed, making them the perfect choice for those building their ultimate PC machine. With latency timings of 5-5-5-12 and a 2.3 voltage, the Extreme Performance PC2-9200 kits are available now in capacities of 1GB and 2GB. All Patriot Extreme Performance memory modules come with a lifetime warranty. For more information on these, please click here.

Source: Patriot Memory
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3 Comments on Patriot Memory Unveils New DDR2-1150MHz Memory Modules

Bird of Prey
Awesome. Im regretting more and more not going the way of AM2. Perhaps when Kuma and them come out Ill switch. :)
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oh snap! I'm all over it asap, thats sweet.. now this is news.. :toast:
still kinda pricey though...
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I suspect that this ram is very good as I am thoroughly enjoying mine in the 1066 flavor!
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